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RT @samdotdesign: Just had the best airport experience ever with @Clear. Flawless onboarding. A person guides you through signing up, expla…
RT @NotGleams: If it wasnt for @clear i definitely would have missed this flight
RT @vladgeorgescu: First time I got to try the @Clear + Pre combo and it was the smoothest airport experience I’ve ever had.
@drandreasschmi1 @CaryCarbonaro @Delta Not entirely true. As previously indicated, members without PreCheck will no…
@BrittainH Hi there. We open daily in AUS at 4 AM. Our Lane at Checkpoint 1 closes at 7 PM, and our Lane at Checkpoint 2 closes at 9 PM.
RT @fitnesswla: So glad I joined @clear cause I bypassed lines in security & can enjoy my snacks with Olaf!…
RT @iamHopeSoDope: I really don’t know what I would do without @Clear and pre✔️. #lifesaver
RT @matte2f: Another great experience using @Clear at @flySFO ✈️💺🛫🎉🍾
@McShauno Our members definitely love using CLEAR with conjunction with PreCheck, but whether you decide to get Pre…
@McShauno Hi Shaun. A recent change by TSA will prevent us from escorting members to the front of the standard secu…
@McShauno Hi Shaun. Our agents do their best to guide our members to the shortest possible path through security. W…
RT @nytimestravel: You've seen @Clear kiosks at airports. Here's how the screening program works.
@WalterJ87213063 Never actually did! Same name, different company.
@WalterJ87213063 Hey there. We don't sell super speedy wifi modems, we sell super speedy access through airport security.
RT @JasonOutLoud: @Clear plus @TSA PreCheck is a truly magical combination.
@GurBetch You can use CLEAR immediately after enrolling. No wait needed :)
RT @mortonkatie: I got to the airport at 843 and I got to my gate at 845 #ClearMe #LAX @Clear
RT @StewC: Next to my airpods @clear is the best thing I purchased this year. Zooming through the terminal.
RT @fethimusye: Thank god for @Clear cause a sis would have never made her flight with these extra long security lines ... I really passed…
RT @tientzuo: Whew, just barely caught my flight! It's time like these that I'm super grateful for @Clear!

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