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I just set up a new twitter account for my etsy store. Come on over and start following me. http://twitter.com/TheGrandDesign
Home again and very tired from shopping. Had a great time though.
Don't want to go to the staff meeting! It's my day off for crying out loud!
Me want new toys.
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Buy-one-get-one half price in my Etsy shop! Check it out http://www.cjgrand.etsy.com
Just started my BOGO sale on etsy. Now I have to promote, promote , promote!
That fraking drug store is going to give me a nervous brake down!
Working on new items for my shop so I can have a big sale!
I don't understand why common sense is so uncommon.
My Etsy shop now has 200 hearts!
I just saw a robin. I'm so glad it's almost spring.
I finally found my walking stick! Woo Hoo!!! Now I can finish my costume.
Oh No! I've passed my best before date!
Went to another flea market today and come home with more keys! It's an addiction, somebody stop me!
Last week for 10% off Key Sale. http://www.cjgrand.etsy.com
need to sew, need to sew.
Just posted new items in my shop. http://www.cjgrand.etsy.com
There's never enough time for all the things I want to do. I need to quit my crappy job.
Need to sew for Repo

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I'm all about costumes and jewelry and having fun with friends.

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