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Not all critters are created equal. Why attracting bats can save your outdoor gatherings this fall: https://t.co/2Gnx2pdG9Z
OK, really? http://t.co/EMzmJ3CJog
@MaryPopeHandy all good! Thank you!
It's all coming back to me. 21mi. bike ride. http://t.co/K5nbnTjQDT #strava
RT @MaryPopeHandy: Regulators promise thaw in mortgage credit underway | Inman News http://t.co/cv0rDpz0SM
No more extra fee for saving trees. Santa Clara Cty Prop Taxes. http://t.co/MLVw2ClfVi
@jacobgrant cool - will look for it. Have a great day!
The million-job economy returns to the Bay Area's three major urban centers | @scoopit http://t.co/PHOCaB59vV
RT @realtordotcom: Tiny House? Tiny Bills! Here's how you can maximize the benefits of selling your mini-home: http://t.co/E9ein8ZLkr htt…
The surprising kid and pet friendly way to rid your home of ants: https://t.co/v36TGnJzgt
Bubble or no bubble? 6 CBRE real estate forecast takeaways - Silicon Valley Business Journal | @scoopit http://t.co/Dl8YvR4qSy
The Top Six Most Useful Kitchen Additions - http://t.co/zNEiXOIT9x
Love this idea! Now need 2 acres "Pop-Up House: the affordable passive house" on Vimeo http://t.co/SwajAyqJyV #Vimeo
Current Concerns about the Shadow Market? Piedmont CA Real Estate Agent Broker Anian Tunney Explains | @scoopit http://t.co/YoDgRDkeXz
Pumpkin Pulp Will Scare Your Disposal to Death http://t.co/m6n8ld9Gvq
Don't get married but do buy a house? | Builder Magazine | @scoopit http://t.co/xokDTQ4YUU
Growing Rooftop Food http://t.co/V6FyxvZu9d Absolutely cool!
RT @WSJ: The odds of getting laid off have never been lower. http://t.co/Mb0FyyXTpp http://t.co/OzKy2PRsl1
@peterebert Thanks for the follow. Like your bio "triple win customer experiences.."
"[San Francisco]... Bay Area accounts for between 70 percent and 80 percent of all venture activity in California." http://t.co/jXJykIBQCN

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