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I'm at Los Gatos High School Pool (Los Gatos, CA) http://t.co/lY1JwgJd84
I'm at Monticello Academy (Santa Clara, CA) http://t.co/zaUNhohyj4
I'm at Starbucks (San Jose, CA) http://t.co/2C6xGMhPvL
Blog post Are Buyers Looking For a Green Home?: There are two very important points in this great post from Bu... http://t.co/ZbCyXRHe8R
RT @sroberson2: Must See Stunning #RealEstate HomesBuiltOnTop of Lava, Really? http://t.co/62WvfqyFbp http://t.co/oWOtc9fCjq http://t.c…
I'm at Johnny's Harborside Restaurant & Bar (Santa Cruz, CA) http://t.co/cp0HwyHGhd
Ahhh. (@ Santa Cruz Yacht Club) http://t.co/Eiq2vYazvy
What Buyers Want—and Don’t Want—in a Green Home | @scoopit http://t.co/RW91ijQ6Rq
Capt America Winter Soldier! (@ AMC Metreon 16 - @amctheatres for Captain America: The Winter Soldier w/ 19 others) http://t.co/9m1vuEGSKh
Blog post : According to Scott Morgan at http://t.co/cHoLAUr3hw the Dodd-Frank Regulations mortgage regulations... http://t.co/UcogDCqSVC
Qualifying mortgages - A way to secure real estate | @scoopit http://t.co/UZ6VfbsKN0
RT @WillowGlenCharm: Thursday April 3 - Please Save the Date! Veggie Grill Santana Row is donating a whopping 50% of food/beverage... http:…
Watching the guy swim is wearing me out! (@ Los Gatos High School Pool) http://t.co/A4qSvT64rU
RT @jfouts: It's still difficult for women to be seen as a peer. People say "lean in, but not too much" @HillaryClinton #MKTGNATION14
RT @thatgirlcrystal: Insights from @ClintonFdn work: children that have underdeveloped vocabs at 5 see reduced chance for success later. #…
RT @huafi: "Washington seems to be operating in an evidence-free zone." @HillaryClinton #MKTGNATION14
RT @Liliholl: “@SFerika: Success is not a birth right. You have to earn it. @HillaryClinton #mktgnation14 http://t.co/lfpNAUUGHK” Totally a…
@HillaryClinton "Let us re-create 'habits of the heart'." #MKTGNATION14
Hillary R. Clinton - "Let us engage differently." #MKTGNATION14 http://t.co/WXvLiCPIgp
RT @BrittnyYuloo: Hillary's coming!!!! #MKTGNATION14

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