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Coming soon: How to create a rooftop or patio garden: https://t.co/wE15QdtV1a
Dear seller, I love your house. How "love letters" can give homebuyers an edge: https://t.co/gveXT982Wq http://t.co/t4gtJTz9uD
What kind of firepower should you bring to a home bidding war? 7 strategies to help ... https://t.co/dy4N0C4LxG http://t.co/tE6C6KobwS
Buying a home can be competitive. 4 rules to live by when you make an offer: https://t.co/rVR8nXpab4 http://t.co/OhVUWpZ60I
LIVE on #Periscope: Campbell market Sunday morning https://t.co/GJeWP83uBV
Don't lose out on your dream home. 5 tips to help you win a bidding war: https://t.co/IkyAFiWEd9 http://t.co/AThgyCMoi2
Coming soon: Tips to help you win a home bidding war: https://t.co/TPD2NmhBO5
LIVE on #Periscope: Noah the ball dog beagle. https://t.co/Zsqc76Wpib
Caring for a bonsai tree can be a relaxing pastime. Here's how to get started: https://t.co/a9g2oVwaUd http://t.co/ZbUW9lqB5y
LIVE on #Periscope: #sanjose #realestate Weeth Ave Open House 1-4 https://t.co/wpjhhmMdFn
Blog post Silicon Valley’s Latest Real Estate Trend: Begging Buyers: The media is telling you all about the ho... http://t.co/4FsFiemgXi
LIVE on #Periscope: Krazy kat https://t.co/jeeabMS7zM
Does your mom like to garden? Get her something out of the ordinary. 5 unique plants: https://t.co/VhY8dtqYEg http://t.co/1nYvYK38yW
Help #endsexualviolence on campus. Share + watch this film w true stories and help enact change #CTMNRAPE http://t.co/rEMKxyljbb
Give mom something tasteful and tasty this Mother's Day - a DIY Mason jar herb garden: https://t.co/3lVNnqWrX4 http://t.co/aWpgqhLsS6
LIVE on #Periscope: Pooches in the fountain #sanjose https://t.co/cPuWWWk1GV
LIVE on #Periscope: #alviso bike loop #sanjose California https://t.co/kiKCMK0XeB
This Mother's Day, get mom a gift that will last. 5 plants she will love: https://t.co/kmioRCAa0t http://t.co/RRQqpbGaSd
Coming soon: Mother's Day gifts with growing power: https://t.co/TUKLChhnnp
Tidying up doesn't need to be a full-day affair. Clean your house in under 45 minutes: https://t.co/RPxTAop9QL http://t.co/t8rX8M0aGW

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