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Why the murder of a journalist in Malta sent ripples as far as Canada https://t.co/x29ENvwusM https://t.co/QWofj0bIe4
Discredited vaccine paper highlights issue in retraction process, experts say https://t.co/o1D7sP2a8i https://t.co/B7eg5Vij6T
Gord Downie's brothers share some of their fondest memories of their brother and their plans to carry on his legacy… https://t.co/dwbZMQnhoD
At age 6, he was flagged a security threat. Now he's taking fight to clear his name to Ottawa… https://t.co/0RLyiDumPC
Relaxing universality of service rule risks creating a system of two-tiered military service: Opinion… https://t.co/1gNs3V5o71
Nature's Mix removes cancer claim from granola label after Marketplace investigation into 'superfoods'… https://t.co/ZXC9qckHA1
Trudeau reluctant to reveal too much on Quebec's face-covering law: Aaron Wherry https://t.co/aQ0AS2cYCu https://t.co/SnyX9P42Na
RT @swaindiana: More on this 9:30 tonight: #CbcInvestigators: Why the murder of a journalist in Malta sent ripples as far as Canada https:…
So, who in Canada actually applied to be Amazon's next HQ2? https://t.co/kYg6XmInZY https://t.co/uP5epi0cWN
Somalia's president expected to announce war on al-Shabaab extremists following bombing https://t.co/ObDfWadtlA https://t.co/DdMAQ85r3f
Former teen actress alleges Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her https://t.co/vEVD0P7DT8 https://t.co/J2AkvrM0fW
Hudson's Bay CEO Jerry Storch leaving company https://t.co/cRsQZqudzL https://t.co/DHOTeqN18y
B.C. man mistakenly declared dead back among the living https://t.co/odu23mGMVo https://t.co/yvfMAaEaeI
Guilty plea from 1 of 2 moms accused of leaving children in freezing car while they went to a bar… https://t.co/Ynq5Geuedb
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh officially resigns from Ontario Legislature https://t.co/F1lTwwRwC7 https://t.co/eUILytzPDn
100-year-old Sears retiree gets life insurance restored https://t.co/TyqQNQ0y3w https://t.co/W94KwnHSsl
Killer pleads guilty to 2nd-degree murder of Lonnie Leafloor https://t.co/9s83Ghlohi https://t.co/8vf5ZppZC7
Why Toronto might not land Amazon HQ2, according to the mayor https://t.co/BUPZnNdOxF https://t.co/5jTvximY77
100s of Faceless Dolls representing missing, murdered women disappear from Native Women's Association… https://t.co/1C7PhYrjXy
France faces butter shortage amid global demand for pastries https://t.co/sCZO27UGWI https://t.co/GA97mXZ9O4

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