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Did you know that only 10% of households are currently recycling their unwanted electronics? Yikes! #buymytronics #savestheplanet
BMT has moved to Dallas! We changed our contact number to 817-722-7994. Bear with us, we are still transitioning!
New releases today by Apple, the iPad Air and improved iPad Mini. Not available in Gold or with Touch ID, does it compare? #iPadAir #Apple
Apple Launches OS Mavericks X for Free, Starting Today! Will you upgrade? #Apple #Mavericks #MacBookPro #MacBookAir
@CristaRose Hi! Our returns typically take about 3-5 business days to arrive back to you. They are sent through USPS First Class. Thanks!
@lovaticStyle please contact us at and we'll be happy to help you with your order. Thanks!
RT @SavioPClemente: @johneepixels7 Maybe it's time to upgrade. The guys at @BuyMyTronics are great & in your old & make eno…
@COguidegal Better get a quote locked in now then! #iphone5s pre-order's only 2 days away!
Pre-Order iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S 9/13, buy in store 9/20. Visit us TODAY to sell your old iPhone! #Apple #iPhone5S
The iPhone 5S will officially have a fingerprint scanner to unlock and make purchases! Love it or hate it? #iPhone5S #iPhone5C #Apple
Have you heard about the iPhone 5S processor? A new A7 Chip doubling from 34-bit to 64-bit. Never been done! #Apple #iPhone5S
The iPhone 5C makes its appearance! Fully polycarbonate available in multiple colors Green, White, Blue, Red and Yellow! #Apple #iPhone5C
The words out! iOS7 will be available on Sept. 18th for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! #Apple #iOS7 #iPhone5S #iPhone5C
Stay tuned for live updates! New Apple announces the iPhone 5s and 5c in less than an hour! #Apple #iPhone5S #iPhone5C
@Mr_Fusspot Please visit our website for pricing & ID ur item based on model # &GB size. B/C of the crack, we'd classify it as broken. Thx!
@eric_gervais Thx we hope to expand our offerings for our Canadian friends eventually! Until then, encourage your community to get on board!
@hawaiihibou Sadly, we can't provide value for those items. Usually, items older than 3yrs typically won't hold value bc of their age.
RT @DAllisonLee: Selling Used Electronics with @NextWorth, @Gazelle and @BuyMyTronics via @AllThingsD @BonnieSCha #r…
BMT featured in All Things Digital's article "Turn Old Gadgets Into Cash: A Guide to Selling Electronics Online."

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