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Two Stores Where You Might Never Think to Shop for Healthy Food (But Should Start)@cookinglight https://t.co/N1xv7BZEQy
Sweeten up someone's stocking with these adorable honey straws! https://t.co/AEHBIPGVZA
What's on your Christmas menu this year?
Show Santa you've been extra sweet this year by giving the Bee Loved Gift Tower to a friend this Christmas! https://t.co/tGVfAS0H0S
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It's getting colder, so we're heating things up. https://t.co/2xgEIUDykY
Bee buzz: Honey bees have 170 odorant receptors, compared with only 62 in fruit flies and 79 in mosquitoes.
Keep your skin silky smooth with this honey concoction: https://t.co/F293niCkPI
This honey drink is ideal for post-workout sips: https://t.co/mKeNDIMywJ
Do you follow us on Instagram? Don’t miss a single recipe or sweet surprise! https://t.co/JW3HmnUXUJ https://t.co/qfAx9oHrZK
Bee buzz: Honey bees never sleep!
We’re continuing our National Honey Month celebrations over at the Honey House. Tell us, what’s your favorite way to use honey?
Bee buzz: Honey never spoils!
September is National Honey Month! Support your local beekeepers and help keep our bees happy! #nationalhoneymonth
Bee Buzz: Bees have 2 pairs of wings. The wings have tiny teeth so they can lock together when the bee is flying.
Head over to our Facebook for a sweet contest we’re running. #spreadalittlesweetness
A spoonful of raw honey mixed with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon can be used as a hydrating lotion.
Bee Buzz: The average worker bee makes about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.
We’re sneaking into the archives and beating the heat with this honey sorbet recipe: https://t.co/Xe7hxyInvb

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Crazy mum of 2 with one on the way, trying to make the world a better place, one cupcake at at a time. Attempting life as a foodie blogger... wish me luck!

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