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👏👍😂🌮🦄💩😜 Don’t worry. Your #BuickEncore can translate. https://t.co/Aeopd5713d
@Charlie_Forte Thank you for your inquiry. Please follow/DM us as we'd be glad to check your VIN for any recalls re… https://t.co/EAB8vijP6V
@SprinklerDocMI This certainly isn’t what we like to hear. Our team has just responded to your DM, and we hope to h… https://t.co/0xR2RBVok4
Reserved seating for summer’s most esteemed sights. #BuickLaCrosse https://t.co/jYoUXN1gfp
@OhioGabe We apologize for any inconvenience, Gabriel. Send us a DM and we'd be happy to provide you with more info… https://t.co/kZMGcygcxV
Light show compliments of #BuickEncore. #ThatsABuick https://t.co/SlZyIhVecF https://t.co/qWYgllKG1w
Soaking up every ray of light. #BuickLaCrosse #ThatsABuick https://t.co/2gD8unybNB
@SprinklerDocMI We regret to hear that you're experiencing concerns with your LaCrosse. Please DM us with more deta… https://t.co/2lSPRnKzPY
@Tedjs Unfortunately, we have no information on future products. Keep an eye on our feed for the latest.
Get a good look at the All-New 2018 #BuickRegalGS. The passing lane just got an upgrade. Available late 2017.… https://t.co/m0pvku2F6H
@KellyGiannone We apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced with your Buick. Please follow/DM us as we'd b… https://t.co/E0VIZ12Vl8
@niqcamp We're excited to hear of your interest in the 2018 Buick Regal! Feel free to follow/DM us we'd be glad to discuss availability. ^JF
@dave_787 Hey David! The 2018 Enclave will be available to purchase later this fall. Feel free to DM us and we'd be… https://t.co/7ct79xrZLo
@potjandommelen Appreciate it. At this time we don't have any information on future products. Stay tuned to our feed for the latest.
@matthew_longtin Love it & thanks for sharing your creativity with us, Matthew. You can keep an eye on our career o… https://t.co/n6gaRZmWuP
An inside look at the racing-inspired All-New 2018 #BuickRegalGS. Available late 2017. #ThatsABuick… https://t.co/EKtELRwM6f
@Amandap93956112 You are very welcome. Our team is always happy to assist. ^SA
@Amandap93956112 You can find more details at https://t.co/NCZsbCRRbM. Feel free to send us a private message if yo… https://t.co/02yZU9FphN
@ReginaBeauchamp The best things are worth the wait. #BuickRegalGS https://t.co/aAKHFWZ2K2
RT @Jalopnik: The 2018 Buick Regal GS is the 310-HP sporty luxury hatchback America needs https://t.co/7GHL33YtaI https://t.co/OGtiXY9DOQ

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