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"Enough about me let's talk about you, what do you think of me"? Lets face it we all suffer from Narcissism..... #self #ego #vanity
RT @WanderinPoet: @tomlaing @SoBeLIVE @MySmartPuppy @Budor @AniseSmith @ScottClendaniel #EmpireAve…
RT @WanderinPoet: @tomlaing @SoBeLIVE @MySmartPuppy @Budor @AniseSmith @ScottClendaniel #EmpireAve
How the New Bing Spam Filter Works
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RT @MattchuRock: @DiabloBallet what up I am up on this twits thing now, putting it on blast
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President of Digital EYE a digital agency that helps clients attract, retain, optimize and convert customers on the world wide web. Devoted Husband and Father.

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