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#Olympics-Love watching all the super-athletes, but Golf?- comeone, at least ban caddies and include a time or speed element to the game.
#DonaldTrump -DT really is magic, he will cut taxes bigtime, while increasing spending about 10 times ??? How will this work??
@MikeShumann @abc7newsBayArea Greyhound goes there.
Sign the petition: Tell @SenSchumer not to start a war with #Iran via @CREDOMobile #p2 #IranDeal #IranTalks
Tell @SenateDems leaders not to let their caucus start a war with #Iran. via @CREDOMobile #p2 #IranDeal
Tell @StateDept @JohnKerry: Don't export armed drones! #p2 via @CREDOMobile
I was an American sniper, and Chris Kyle’s war was not my war
Gov Perry, since Tx center of #ebola in US, maybe we should ban all travel in, out Tx?
Sign the petition: Tell President @BarackObama not to bomb #Syria via @CREDOMobile #p2
Outrageous. #warcriminal Dick Cheney is still shilling for #endlesswar @wsj | via @CREDOmobile
Tell @TomWheelerFCC: Save #netneutrality from @ATT & @Verizon: #p2 via @CREDOMobile
Help, I'm broken. via @arthouse
It's Autism Awareness Month
CCTV Security Camera Lens Calculator and View Simulator: VERY COOL!
Giant BABY SALE at Target - check it out here
35% off BrushMarQ art on Imagekind -
#My2k Get it together congress, or you'll all be out of a job next time, even with Grover's help.
@jaketapper @matthewjdowd Okay, all our minds made-up, candidates stop- give remaining campaign fund to disaster relief

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