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@Michael_Ball99 Hi Michael. We look forward to welcoming your feedback. Thanks. ^Kev
@madiba1234 Can I ask the nature of your query? We don't have access to system that your incident number belongs to. ^Linds
@Patch400 Credit where credit is due! I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Kirsty. Thank you for sharing this with us! ^Linds
@CraigEdi Hi Craig! I'm really sorry that you've needed to make alternate arrangements. Have you spoken to anyone re your tickets? ^Linds
@DJFreshUK You could get around the world twice for that! ^Kev
@willeke_kuiper you'd like us to look into it. (3/3) ^Sel
@willeke_kuiper contains personal information. Please send us a DM with your reference, as well as your full name and contact info, if (2/3)
@willeke_kuiper Sorry you're still waiting for a reply, Willeke. We'd ask you to remove your case reference from public view, as it (1/3)
@DJFreshUK Almost enough to get you round the world! Hope to see you on board soon! ^Sel
@godders_spg Hi Steve, unfortunately it's not always possible to change flights during disruption. Sorry for any distress this caused ^Al.
@armacca Hi Ann, we pride ourselves on our service and staff hope to see you on board again soon ^Al.
@salesas Hi sorry about this some offers are available only at time of purchase sorry about any inconvenience ^Al.
@WelshyChanning Really sorry, Mikey. It's taking us longer than usual to respond at the moment. We do appreciate your patience. ^Sel
@Mizzhena we'll see if we can help you. Thanks. ^David.2/2
@Mizzhena Hi Hina, if you'd like to DM us more information, including your exec number, full name and tel number 1/2
@FlyYYC Sounds like our crew are in for a treat!! ^David
@LoftyQPR We will suggest this as doubt we would be refunding much! ^Al.
@Mlle_Aiyana Great to hear! Let us know if there's anything we can help with in future. ^Sel
@HeySeto Oh, I see. Well thanks for letting us know, Irene. I'll get this fed back for our guys in promotions to have a look at. ^Liam
@Brittish_Design We can look in to this further and set up a case for you. Apologies for the frustration this must have caused. 2/2 ^Steph

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Official British Airways global account. Team on call from 0900-1700 GMT Monday-Friday. Offers from UK. Guest: Peter Lynam (^PL) Head of Network Operations

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