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@big_mommar If only we could do that! Have a lovely evening! ^Danielle
@EconomyBeyond Hi Kevin, this depends on what time your flight is. Bag drop will open approximately 3 hours before your flight departs.
@billywhufc We can't wait to welcome you on board, you've made a great choice with Antigua! ^Danielle
@graffiti_studio We'd love to have you! Let us know if you need our help! ^Danielle
@willse13 We love this one! Have a lovely evening Will! ^Danielle
@DomsDeliverHere Best of luck Nick and Matt! Please use this form to request sponsorship^Danielle
@lsofd We look forward to welcoming you on board again soon Dan! ^Danielle
@pbergeron01 That does sound lovely, we hope you have the chance to visit your friends soon! ^Charlotte
@Kilojoules It depends what kind of holiday you want, Julie. Beach? City? Adventure? There's lots of info here: ^CS
@alisonmbrodie Hi Ali, the lounges with showers do have hairdryers. Hope this helps! ^Charlotte
@Dunk1971 If only it was that easy for us! Regardless of which flight, I'm sure our crew will have looked after you very well! ^Danielle
@stocker_tracy Sorry Tracy, it's frustrating when that happens. It's usually because someone with a cheaper fare has cancelled. ^Charlotte
@Pandub_7 We love this one! Have a great evening, we look forward to welcoming you on board again soon! ^Danielle
@Samhain24 This is great to hear, we'll certainly pass on your feedback to the crew on the BA779 for you. See you again soon! ^Danielle
@ewelinapeters We're so sorry we missed you Ewelina, we do hope you got sorted. Have a great flight. ^Danielle
@OscarHayes8 Please DM us your Executive Club number, email address along with more details of what's happened and we'll look into this. 2/2
@OscarHayes8 Sorry Oscar, we can't see any previous tweets from you but we'd certainly be happy to try and help you. 1/2
@ThreeUK After much deliberation: legs, legs, hot dogs, hot dogs, legs, legs, hot dogs, flamingo, hot dogs. Now to find out for sure... ^CS
@johnlm12 Hi John, our tweets are not automated. Sorry we missed you at the time, If you do need any help, please DM us more details. ^Dani
@JackieP001 Sorry for the call waiting time Jackie, we're extremely busy at the moment. Have you tried booking this online? ^Danielle

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Official British Airways global account. Team on call from 0900-1700 GMT Monday-Friday. Offers from UK. Guest: Peter Lynam (^PL) Head of Network Operations

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