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@RickyKapur The flight was cancelled due to a tech issue, Ricky. Have you been rebooked? We hope Mum's birthday is still memorable. ^Hel
@ChillyJilly1000 Can you Direct Message us the email address and billing address in the booking please, Jill? ^Cec
@Sarah_mytime We agree, Sarah. We'll get your bag to you as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay. ^Hel
@jamesahampson Have you been rebooked, James? We're so sorry you'll miss your daughter's birthday today. ^Hel
@lo_shue Apologies for the delay. We hope you are being updated about the delay and your wait isn't too much longer. ^Hel
@matthewjamesday You can request a refund online at Manage my Booking. If you prefer, DM us the booking ref, your name and email. ^Hel
@izyofficial We understand your frustration but we never operate an aircraft that isn't fully operational, Izy. Safety always comes first.
@CharBlondeB Oh dear, that's not good at all. It sounds dreadful. Our apologies, we'll feed this back to our Operations team. ^Hel
@clarke_mic We're sad you feel that way, Mic. Once we've fully resolved this problem we'll try and restore your faith in us. ^Hel
@mmdewane We want all our passengers to enjoy their flight, Maggie. If you're feeling nervous- just tell the crew and we'll help. ^Hel
@Britbeetweets can prebook a childs meal. ^ash 2/2
@Britbeetweets Sorry you were unhappy with the choice offered. Do feel free to bring your own, alternatively on long haul flights you 1/2
@PedroB87 That's great, Peter! Thanks for letting us know. ^Hel
@zillywilly That doesn't sound right, Zillia. Please DM your booking ref, full name and email. We'll take a look. ^ash
@The_little_pea Understandably. If you DM your booking ref, name and email, we'll take a look for you. ^Hel
@KeithHumphreys Sorry for the disruption, Keith. We're pleased you've been rebooked. ^ash
@freddie_the_cat It's odd, we can't replicate this although there was a similar issue recently. We'll ask our web team to take a look.
@Byboon Safety is always our first priority. we're sorry your flight was delayed in this way. ^Hel
@TonyMills100 We understand your frustration Tony. We're sorry your bag was delayed and we'll respond fully soon. ^Hel
@ctsacoffeesnob The view whilst you enjoy your morning coffee, certainly beats ours! ^Ash

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