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@HiatusKaiyote Hi Hiatus, can we help? Has your flight been delayed or cancelled? ^Helen
@ospreygray Hi Sonya, can we help you with anything? ^Helen
@Kierbro Hi Kieran, our flights are very busy over the Christmas period. Where are you travelling from and to? ^Helen
@PurchasingCoach Hi Alison, the min connecting time is 90 mins and you've got over 3 hours. You'll be fine. ^Helen
@BonBonRoseGirls If you pre-paid for the seat you can apply for a refund. We don't want to make you sad. ^Helen
@robertodayaggio Hi Rob, as long as you have a mobile boarding pass on your phone, you can go straight to security. ^Helen
@gigiyyz It's good to hear that it's all sorted for you. You know where we are if you need anything further. ^Helen
@stupidlord Hi, Finnair will be able to give you your booking reference for our system. ^Helen
@Hannahrosebx Hi Hannah, that's not good. Follow and DM us your booking ref, email, postcode and what seats you want. ^Helen
@binkybunny7 All good things must come to an end, Anne-Marie. It's not too windy tonight, so it should be a smooth flight. ^Helen
@NiallDrake Hi Niall, we'd recommend that you contact the nearest embassy or consulate to check your visa requirements. ^Helen
@loren_sofya Hi Loren, we can arrange assistance at the airport for you. Follow and DM us your booking ref, email and postcode. ^Helen
@CoachLeeHanno Hi Lee, that is the emergency exit row. You'll need to ask the crew if they can move you. ^Helen
@jamiegoode Hi Jamie, send us a message tomorrow. We'll get the departure info for you. ^Helen
@wliddicott Hi, unless we've contacted you, please check in for the original time. We're doing all possible to improve the delay. ^Helen
@jamiegoode We're sorry your flight's been delayed overnight, Jamie. Speak to one of our Airport team for further info. ^Helen
@alexjamesfarrow Ha! we love this, Alex. We'll see you in the morning. Night night. ^Helen
@murray_rusty Hi Rusty, we don't have a policy for Brussels. You'll be able to change or refund as per the fare rules on your ticket. ^HL
@BURRYJASON We're looking forward to having you on board, Jason! ^Lauren
@babsbunny1985 receipts so you can make a claim for reimbursement. 2/2 ^Lauren

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Official British Airways global account. Team on call from 0900-1700 GMT Monday-Friday. Offers from UK. Guest: Peter Lynam (^PL) Head of Network Operations

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