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@DannyVarnfield We will rebook you on the next available flight, Danny. However, we can't guarantee when this will be. ^Alex
@wbrown64 2/2 Wayne. We're operating a full schedule and don't anticipate any disruption to our service. ^Linds
@wbrown64 I'm afraid the rules of your ticket would apply if you were looking to make changes to your booking due to the strike, 1/2
@chelsey_xxxx During disruption, it may be difficult to check in online, Chelsey. However, you may still be able to do so. ^Alex
@reena_dave It should do. Please DM us your booking reference, email address and contact number so we can take a look for you. ^Alex
@nastaluk89 We're sorry they've been disrupted, Michal. They will need to try and communicate with someone in the airport. ^Alex
@ker_fuffle Do you need to make a new booking or change an existing booking, Andrew? ^Alex
@hbinglesinha 2/2 also sent an email with the ticket details attached, ^Linds
@hbinglesinha Hi Heidi, I can see your mum's ticket has been reissued. This can be seen on Manage my Booking on the website. I've 1/2
@bakertom91 Please ensure the bike is packed in a recognised bicycle bag. 2/2 ^Alex
@bakertom91 You can take non-motorised bicycles of up to 190cm (75in) in length as part of your checked baggage. 1/2
@krfeeny That's great, Keith. Flight BA1386 was cancelled due to adverse weather expected later today. ^Alex
@clare_cross This is concerning to hear, Clare. Your comments have been fed back to address internally. ^Alex
@WebTrain2010 2/2 check it out via Manage my Booking on ^Linds
@WebTrain2010 You'd need to be named in their booking in order for us to enter into discussions with you. Alternatively, you could 1/2
@Danny_Kerry This doesn't sound good, Daniel. Can we help you with anything? We're following you now. ^Ems
@sensorpunk Sorry you weren't aware of this, Dan. You can find out more info here in the guide to in-seat power. ^Em
@ANDYSA1979 2/2 isn't applicable on these booking types, even for our higher tier Executive Club members.^Linds
@ANDYSA1979 It sounds like you have a Hand Baggage Only ticket. If you booked this online, you would have been advised that free seating 1/2
@Twenty1Weddings Please DM us your booking reference, email address and contact number, Rebecca. Do you need to be rebooked? ^Alex

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