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@jamesshell85 Do you mind following us James? We can't DM you back. We'd need to have a verbal conversation I'm afraid. ^Stephen
@dave_austin Have a great flight, Dave! ^Hel
@SitaAnanth You're welcome, Sita! It was a pleasure talking to you. ^Beth
@jamesmurray55 It's a cracking cut of beef. Thanks for tweeting to tell us how much you enjoyed it, James! ^Hel
@yourivanooijen You can choose your seat at any time unless you are on a Hand baggage only fare, Youri. Even then, you can change the seat.
@bluemoonstar Hey! We're up too, you know! Have a fabulous flight to Crete, Nick. Best wishes from a fellow Geordie-ish Londoner! ^Hel
@gbh1969 We should be able to help there, Ian. Please DM your booking ref and where you'd like to sit and I'll take a look. ^Hel
@towbinator Ooh! How exciting, Joey. We'll do our best to arrange some warm weather for you! See you in June! ^Hel
@pgrewal8 2/2 Other passengers do have the right to refuse to move for you. Next time you may want to choose your seats early for a fee? ^HD
@pgrewal8 We do understand your disappointment, Priya. If you weren't able to sit together there is little our cabin crew could do. 1/2
@gbh1969 There could be a number of reasons, Ian. If you can't check in online, you can do so at the airport. ^Hel
@endbookend That's disappointing. Our friends @Americanair may help you directly. If you need more help, do tweet us again. ^Hel
@Bearsito make your own arrangements with a cargo company. IAG world Cargo is a sister company and uses our flights. ^Hel
@Bearsito Are you flying with OpenSkies? They do have a different policy. As I mentioned, we do not accept pet bookings so you have to 1/2
@katielouise182 That doesn't sound good, Katie. Please DM your booking ref and a little more about why you didn't enjoy the flight? ^Hel
@richardtebbs A good start to the week, then! See you on the way back, Richard! ^Hel
@blazingocelots One of life's loveliest surprises, an unexpected upgrade! We're glad you both enjoyed your flights that little bit more.
@donnagallop A ski bag counts as 1 piece of checked luggage, and can weigh up to 23Kg. As the BA leg is the longest sector, our rules apply.
@LibbyPlummer There are a number of reasons why you can't check in online, Libby. We're sorry it hasn't worked for you on this occasion. ^HD
@raulmunguia81 You can check for tracing updates here, Raul: ^Hel

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