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The sun is shining here at London Heathrow, Gatwick & City today, it’s a great day to fly. See you on board soon [09:21 30JUN]
@MrsDenne We hope your flight isn't too uncomfortable, Nick. Despite this, we hope you have a great flight. ^Liz
@KarenRankine We're disappointed to hear this Karen. Hope things improve throughout the flight! ^Jane
@JamesSJarvis How exciting, James! Have a great flight and a fab time in Rome. ^Liz
@NickNoGarms Please follow and DM your case reference and email address, Nick. We’ll get an update for you. Thanks. ^Liz
@davecoire Delays and cancellations are sometimes beyond our control, Dave. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. ^Liz
@beckyoh07 How long has your case been missing, Becky? What have you been told when you've called? ^KMc
@nick_iles We hope your flight isn't too uncomfortable, Nick. Despite this, we hope you have a great flight. ^Liz
@TimxClarke We hope the flight went well, Tim! Have a great time in Munich! ^H
@Martin__Newton We’re sorry you remain unhappy. Looks like a new ticket may be the best option for you, Martin. Have a great flight. ^Liz
@geordiepom That's not good to hear, Jonathan. Where was the agent? We'll feed your comments back to the Airport management team. ^Liz
@andy_loxwood Morning Andy! If you have the same address, you can use the Household Account section of your Exec Club to do this. ^KMc
@victoriamscott We’re sorry you remain unhappy, Victoria. We hope you’ll change your mind and fly with us again. ^Liz
@MetaSolange Thanks for the feedback, Stephanie. We'll get this passed on to our Customer Experience team. ^KMc
@victoriamscott Sorry you're disappointed Victoria. Have you spoken to them directly? ^Jane
@YOmtg Yoann, can you DM us your full name, flight date and route please? We'll see if we can find a held booking for you. ^H
@DrTashaBarlow I bet your bed has never felt so comfy, Natasha! Hope the flights were good once you were on! ^KMc
@kylejamesryan Sorry for the inconvenience. It's the airport that allocates the gate. Hopefully, you'll be on your way soon! ^Jane
@medianolan There's definitely a mixed bunch there, Michael! We can only imagine about the rest! ^H
@LoveFromEmily Why does it say no, Emily? If you follow us and DM your booking ref, email address and full address, we'll take a look. ^KMc

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