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@ATTBusiness Once again, 45 minute conversation results in ZERO CHANGES to my account. No new rate as promised, no changes. Waste of time.
RT @KingJames: 1 down!! @Indians #RallyTogether
@Sandra_Cole44 @Indians @TheCLE @TBSNetwork @BlueJays Aaand shut out game one. #Indians #TheLand #TheresAlwaysThisYear
RT @IAmDPick: David Blatt confirms to me tonight that he accepted Cavaliers offer of championship ring.
@LisaLoeb Sandalwood, followed closely by Hurricane. The entire album rocks.
@ATTCares 28 min on hold, then 30+ to renew my biz contract. Agent couldn't bundle internet. Have to do this every year. Ridiculous.
RT @mdotbrown: "this is crazy it's almost like we didn't blow a 3-1 lead!"
RT @matttomic: Crazy hidden messages in sports logos you might not have known about:
RT @avase42: Instead of always saying "Golden State blew a 3-1 lead" why don't we recognize and appreciate the greatest comeback in sports…
@LisaLoeb You're playing in Cleveland in November. Will it be solo, or with a band (Nine Stories would rock)? I'll be there either way!
@FOXTV Stop begging us to help negotiate with Dish or cable. You're meant to be ad-supported in the first place! I can watch for free OTA!
RT @JordanHeckFF: Kyrie Irving is wearing a wristband that says "Don't be a little bitch." #Cavs
How is it that I can speak to seven different agents, and still not renew my business contract while you continue to overcharge me?
RT @MrCavalier34: The Cavs did it best team of the year go Cavs
RT @ConradKaz: they were up 3-1, openly mocked one of the game's all-time greats in press conferences, then choked away the best season in…
RT @ConradKaz: i honestly think the 2016 warriors are probably the biggest collapse in sports history. 73-9, up 3-1 with 2 of next 3 at hom…
RT @cavs: Respect. #ThankYouTD
@matthewdelly To paraphrase David Blatt, "if you don't love Matthew Dellavedova, you don't love basketball." We're going to miss you.
RT @TheCoreyColeman: #DawgPound, I'm comin' for ya! Can't wait to show the Orange and Brown what I'm made of, @TideNFL #OurColors #ad https…
@rizzoshow How did you not fix Jerod's suit collar the whole show?

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