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Head over to for the After Show! #WWHL
RT @BravoWWHL: The exact moment when @Andy jumps up into @justinlong's arms...and then Justin tells Andy he had hernia surgery.…
#WWHL starts now with with @conniebritton & @justinlong!
Tune in next week for the Season Finale of #JerseyBelle when #TheBelles and @JaimePrimak get their #Bama on!
Just when we were about to get teary-eyed – this Primak goodbye got well, not so sentimental! #JerseyBelle
Get pics of @JaimePrimak adorable tots here: We dare you to handle the cuteness! #JerseyBelle
“If people are not talking about you, you ain’t doing something right”—@JaimePrimak RT if you’re doing something right! #Preach #JerseyBelle
What? You don’t fist pump at your Thanksgiving? You can take the Belle outta Jersey. . . #JerseyBelle
Is Thanksgiving a time to be #Fancy, or a time to celebrate #Jersey style w/o the “fine ass china”? #JerseyBelle #ImSoFancy
We’re not the only ones who become kids when we're w/our siblings! See childhood pics of #JerseyBelle @JaimePrimak:!
Grandma is cracking us up! No wonder our #JerseyBelle has a sharp tongue! Get @JaimePrimak’s best zingers: #Jaimeism
See @ArdenWardUpton’s gorgeous portfolio – shots of the ranch and #JerseyBelle @JaimePrimak’s kiddos here:
We just love our #JerseyBelle’s supportive (& handsome) hubby! Get shots of @JaimePrimak’s Mountain Brook man here:!
“‘I am crazy in love with you?! Who is he, @Beyonce?” -- @JaimePrimak. #WeDie #CrazyRightNow #JerseyBelle
Watch out #Bama, the Primaks are here! Tune in to #JerseyBelle now to see how @JaimePrimak does Thanksgiving Jersey style!
Sorry ladies, but @RyanSerhant is off the market! Get the details on his engagement! #mdlny
It's a Primak invasion in Alabama tonight! An all new #JerseyBelle is at 10/9c. Preview:
RT @Andy: @LisaVanderpump happy birthday! I hope Ken delivers!
Wishing @LisaVanderpump the happiest of happy birthdays!!! #RHOBH
What does @KenyaMoore think about @NeNeLeakes new Broadway gig? Read on: #RHOA

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