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The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Sonja: A Fun Night With a Younger Man Never Hurt Anyone
McDreamy's Shocking Fate Revealed!
Amber Marchese: My Breast Cancer Has Returned
It's time for an all-new #FashionQueens! Be sure to tune in now, lovers!
RT @GenevaSThomas: I was clearly advised by my publicist & lawyer to do the fact sheet. It was not an attempt to be sassy or dramatic. #Blo…
What do you think about @GenevaSThomas's fact sheets? #BloodSweatHeels
"These bills will have to be continued." - @daisylewellyn #BloodSweatHeels
Can't help but tear up at @daisylewellyn breaking the news to her staff! #BloodSweatHeels
We love seeing #MDLNY's @FredrikEklundNY on #BloodSweatHeels!
"At the end of the day, I just wanted to get my nails done." - @GenevaSThomas #BloodSweatHeels
RT @daisylewellyn: Lavender Oil is so helpful for the Stress in My Life #BloodSweatHeels
"From the outside I look healthy and strong, but I am weak!" - @daisylewellyn #BloodSweatHeels
We love @daisylewellyn's poetic description of drinking champagne! #BloodSweatHeels
"I'm not ashamed at all. I was a victim." - @GenevaSThomas #BloodSweatHeels
RT @AhjadaNorwood: Mica is super funny lol love her #BloodSweatHeels
"A lot of people think it's so glamorous, it's not, it's a lot of hard work." - @ArzoAnwar on working in fashion. #BloodSweatHeels
Beware of wigs on the floor, @MicaxoMica! #BloodSweatHeels
Tweet using #BloodSweatHeels and your comment could make it on-air!
What do the ladies think about @GenevaSThomas' arrest? An all NEW #BloodSweatHeels starts now!

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