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NE Journal of Med. article says drink coffee - live longer. via @DrMullin - Well alrighty then!
Bravo to Dr. John LaPuma for his action-taking, video making, difference-making use of videos to answer questions...
There are a lot of people out there who will tell you they have the "rules" for promoting, marketing and selling...
Let your mind wander and imagine the possibilities. Daydreaming is good for the entrepreneurial soul.
Philadelphia Flower Show 2015. Lovely respite from a record cold winter. #dreamingofspring
This might reveal my inner crumudgeon, but I don't care about #TheDress :)
How to Use Facebook Video Cards for Business | Social Media Examiner via @smexaminer
Yowza! 40 million photos posted on Instagram per day - @DeniseWakeman via @MariSmith
Detailed article on How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps - Hootsuite Social Media
5 Rarely Discussed Self-Publishing Mistakes: What NOT To Do
Very interesting data study from SocialBakers pointing to a need for brands and entrepreneurs to rethink their...
@janniaragon Janni, thank you and thank Hermione for me! <3
I'm having one of those days where I could really use some cute animal pictures throughout the day to uplift. Help a gal out?
Happy Fat Tuesday everybody. :)
Smart Swaps for Eating on the Go | Rodale News: via @Rodalenews
. @garyvee You too Gary. ♥
Pinterest planning a rev share style "buy" button with rumored rollout this year.
Fear sometimes draws a line in the dirt, just like a bully daring you to cross the line. Cross it & that fear bully backs off.
@LoriPerkinsRAB OK Lori, you win the prize for making me spit coffee on my keyboard. :)

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