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RT @AnnTran_: If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain. ― Maya Angelou
I have a serious case of spring fever and all I want to do is go to Nordstrom's. #ohoh
I promise you'll find at least one new thing you can do to promote your book, brand or business in this list:...
It never gets old. What will you say YES to today? #inspiration #motivation
Thrilled 2 be speaking at Garden Writers Association in Pittsburgh in Aug. re Blogging Your Brand!
The half-life of your tweet is 24 minutes; the half-life of your Facebook post is 90 minutes only.
Highly amusing book trailer - but it just might work!
Librify's BookExpo Startup Challenge Unveiled
Yikes. My dentist just warned me #1 - 9 Thyroid Damagers Hiding Out in Your Home | Rodale News:
Marketing Terms CrowdSourcing is tapping into the collective intelligence of a crowd for new ideas, to test...
@dina_valentini I was just thinking about how much fun that was. Let's do it! <3
#AnytimeFitness Great segment on @TheDoctors today - nice to see you as the #Fitness resource.
@dina_valentini Brilliant Strive 5 list, Dina Marie!
Add your own special touch to everything you do today. #marketing
#video #doityourself #marketing. So excited to be putting the finishing touches on my home studio.
Uncomfortable in front of a video camera but convinced you should add video to your book or business marketing...
Some excellent tips here from @Ducttape - How to Social Surround Your Customers and Prospects
RT @mashable: 6 CEO Productivity Tips to Steal for Yourself
AI Experts On The Reality Behind The Sci-Fi Thriller “Transcendence” via @techcrunch
What's on your Strive 5 list this week - #Strive5 is 5 things that will positively impact your bottom line.

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