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Self-Publishing Social Media Just for Writers - an evaluation of what to do and what not to do.
One author, both legacy published and self-published, shares her story and what she might do differently next time.
@Calypsonyc Are you Miraval??? One of my favorite places on earth?
Facebook Expands Its Tools For Measuring When Ads Lead To Online And Offline Sales via @techcrunch
6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work -
Twitter users can now shoot & post videos with the Twitter app.
50 Content Marketing Blogs to Read and Follow
Getting your first blog advertiser can seem like a huge hurtle to overcome. But with these tips you'
Many ask how I am able to manage so many different websites. One way I am able to do so much is due
Big shout out to @QueenofOwnLife 's Kathy Kinney, filming the next season of Fargo in Calvary - you go GIRL!
Check out your new go-to breakfast- This quick easy, healthy, low carb and high fiber muffin is perf
7 cool new cord management solutions to get your home office organized. Finally! I'm just a little giddy about a...
If you have trouble keeping cords tidy and under control like we do, these smart cord management sol
Why am I humming Pink's ♬ "Get the Party Started," ♬ this morning. Maybe I need more coffee! You?
Client just told me she's increased web traffic w/our new Pinterest strategy & now getting 22% of her traffic from Pinterest!
Facebook now allows you to report links to fake news stories via @thenextweb
Your brand needs to spell out your offer clearly, deliver completely & communicate daily.
RT @Brilliance21C: "You are the brand and all things you create are brand extensions." - CindyRatzlaff @BrandYou #pennwomen
Big shout out to former client and all around brilliant woman, Dawna Stone, on her recent appearance on HSN to...
RT @erinmharris: "You have a personal brand, whether you know it or not." -- CindyRatzlaff @BrandYou YES. #MassWomen

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