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RT @JaneFriedman: If your book doesn’t do well, don’t worry. Your book will be out there for a lifetime, will be new when discovered -@hugh…
RT @ReadSenses: Looking for an innovative way to market your book with no marketing experience.. check  #PubSmartCon…
@chefemilyp @JaneFriedman @JenFerrariAdler big market media is definitely harder to penetrate but not impossible.
I live smart branding. Hotel Francis Marion water in rooms. Nice touch.
Learning styles People have different learning styles so be sure to engage as many as possible in your...
RT @JaneFriedman: Is word of mouth better than social media? Actually, social media is a word-of-mouth tool. -@AEQeditor #PubSmartCon
RT @JaneFriedman: "The best way to fight piracy is to make your work affordable and quality." Not DRM. @hughhowey #PubSmartCon
Chowder-head alert! The correct URL for the for authors sharing grants, calls for submissions etc is
Getting #Charleston restaurant recommendations from @hungryelle = winning!
RT @Porter_Anderson: #PubSmartCon on Bestsellers @BrandYou on platform: By the time you pulbish, you want people "heavily invested in you s…
Let readers sit in and feel your ending. Don't end with a sample chapter to cut off that delicious feeling. - Hugh Howey #PubSmartCon
RT @Porter_Anderson #PubSmartCon on Bestsellers @BrandYou says many publish their books, then ask how to sell their books. That's too late.
BookLogix will review your manuscript for content & editorial factors for free! #PubSmartCon http://book
Author alert: check out this amazing organization sharing grants, writing opportunities and contacts for authors.
Having a little fan girl moment in the presenter’s lounge with David Symonds from@createspace.
RT @romancewriters: Today's the last day to register for #RWA14 at the early rate! Fee increases tomorrow; visit & r…
RT @mitzpa: Great idea! @HachetteAudio we should too! RT @kennycoble I am adding What I'm Reading Now to my email signature just like @dur…
RT @JaneFriedman: How tech blog @stratechery is going freemium—readers must pay to comment, receive extra commentary + other perks: http://…
Kobo distributes the former Sony Reader format now. #authors
Distribution platforms for self published authors are passive - you must still mkt your own book.

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