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RT @jordanthebuff: Anyone a fan of Blue Mountain State? Check out this kickstarter project for a BMS movie!
Check out @BoardgameCorner and their #GameFest wrap up. #Raid is briefly shown!
Have you seen the #Raid review by our Spanish friends at Dark Stone? Reviews in English and Spanish! See it here:
RT @BoardgameCorner: Check out Raid! Pirate's Plunder from @bouldergames This looks like another good one folks! …
Keep pushing, the final 48 hours is gonna be huge!
Here is the obligitory daily week so get on it!
Already got at least 8 new backers directly from #GameFest2014 seems like the con was definitely worth the energy, loved meeting people too!
RT @TerraNovaGames: Like pirates? Check out the @kickstarter for Raid! Pirate's Plunder from our friends and neighbors at @bouldergames htt…
What a crazy weekend at #GameFest we loved meeting all you lovely people #seeyaatcomiccon
RT @artofkenk: The game is in the final...
@GeekyFaucets haha understandable....
Quote of the day: "The LARPing we do is different than normal LARPing" #GameFestQuotes #GameFest #Raid
GameFest promoting Raid! Final week of @kickstarter @jordanthebuff working the table.
Lesson of the day: Don't wear wings to a convention #Truth #Verdad
@GeekyFaucets are yall running around #StarFest anywhere?
RT @rayfloats: @Board_Crossing Sorry GF is the con I met the creators at ;) creators are @bouldergames Link:
RT @CasualGameRev: Startup publisher Boulder Games is looking for help funding their casual game "Raid! Pirate's Plunder"…
New update on Kickstarter!
RT @ellen00gail: Support Raid! Pirate's Plunder by @bouldergames via @kickstarter. Great game for any game night! #b…
RT @FringeGames: Demoing @War_Haven in the game room @slcomiccon Come by the booth and check out the game!

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