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@PaulOBrien Hello Paul. Public feature requests and bugs can be posted by using our official API:
@qualityclix Thank you for your great review.
@KirillKorinskiy Hey Kirill. We already implemented our own integrated SVN/GIT hosting that comes with the plan. You're welcome to join us.
Take a look at our new introduction video and tell us what you think:
@noworries206 Bontq has its own API, but there's no Jira API integration.
@thommijay Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.
@reorgco Hey, it would be great if you could review our product as well. Thank you in advance!
@mazz011 Thank you for your kind words about our product.
@interstateapp @limacohen We just did. Thank you.
@limacohen You're right, we will make a separate page with a public roadmap, I just didn't realize it was that important. Thank you.
@limacohen May I ask what other features would you like to see in our product and why the lack of a public roadmap kept you from using it?
@NNLuna Bontq's official roadmap isn't publicly available, but in case you really want to see it we can always show it to you.Just email us.
@teruterubouzu Yes, of course, just send us your logo to and we'll replace it.
@olistik That's why we wrote "Do you need a custom plan? Please Contact Us" at the bottom of the Plans page ;-).
@ToolsJournal Thank you very much for this great review.
@limacohen We have an official roadmap, but it's available only to our employees. Anyway, API and SVN will become available this Spring.
@Buissy Great, we will, thanks. Did you consider the option to replace the current Buissy links by the direct ones? It's better for SEO.
@olistik Oh, I see, we usually extend the trial in case someone tells us he didn't have enough time to try the product.
@Buissy Thanks for the tip, just submitted Bontq to your directory.

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An enormous step towards easier bug tracking. Hosted issue tracking system for project management.

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