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@RonnieLutes at the top! I'm famous! \o/ @billkunz
@RonnieLutes that's one of my fav features. I'll take a number down on Drafts while on a call. Then, switch to "link" mode to make the call.
@formfireglass I am a fairly new iPad owner. Was going to get OF for iPad when I founf out it was pulled. Been using iPhone ver on my iPad.
@formfireglass Ooo...this _is_ good news! Glad I glanced here and saw your share. Thanks! :D
@NSRalph yeah. my ADNing has been sporadic at best. And T has been non-existent for evidence by my late reply! ;-)
@NSRalph oh. Whoops. Totally misunderstood your tweet. Didn't realize there was a temporary outage. Maybe it shows how infrequent I'm on. :/
@d0gc0w there's a bit of a learning curve. But once you get it. I have found the traditional calc apps hard to use for day-to-day use.
@NSRalph sorry. Super late reply. I'm still on it if that's any indication. I see the decline but I remain optimistic. :)
@d0gc0w why I like the Rechner calculator. Gesture based calculating made efficient for the touchscreen.
@elyse okay. Whew! I was picturing a car ride with you as silent and devoid of sustenance. #boring 😜
@adamlcox ah! That must be fun to see. I bet it's a thrill to see the reaction of the audience to the fruits of your labor.
@elyse yeah, the sambal terasi is a but pungent. Probably not the best idea... :P So, you also don't eat in the car either?
@elyse cuz you never know when it will come in handy. Okay, now I'm hungry...<stomach growls>
@adamlcox what are we watching? :)
@elyse I know you wouldn't have a mini bar. But, is your car stocked with yummy snacks include a handy supply of terasi? ;-)
@elyse ... <no comment> <whistles>
@elyse yes, I've heard, you posh Indonesians. ;)
@elyse lol! What is it about this Benedict guy that I keep hearing about‽ I guess I'm not pop savvy enough. Maybe it's better that way.
@elyse ah, the posh life. :P Where are you now? Indo? Your bio shows the UK??

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