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@elyse okay. Whew! I was picturing a car ride with you as silent and devoid of sustenance. #boring 😜
@adamlcox ah! That must be fun to see. I bet it's a thrill to see the reaction of the audience to the fruits of your labor.
@elyse yeah, the sambal terasi is a but pungent. Probably not the best idea... :P So, you also don't eat in the car either?
@elyse cuz you never know when it will come in handy. Okay, now I'm hungry...<stomach growls>
@adamlcox what are we watching? :)
@elyse I know you wouldn't have a mini bar. But, is your car stocked with yummy snacks include a handy supply of terasi? ;-)
@elyse ... <no comment> <whistles>
@elyse yes, I've heard, you posh Indonesians. ;)
@elyse lol! What is it about this Benedict guy that I keep hearing about‽ I guess I'm not pop savvy enough. Maybe it's better that way.
@elyse ah, the posh life. :P Where are you now? Indo? Your bio shows the UK??
@elyse so you drive in silence? 😳
@elyse I get you. :) One "hybrid" is radio drama. They are rare, but there's some good podcast stories that are like audio-only TV.
@elyse I have my moods where music only will do. Problem for audiobooks is that a poor reader can ruin a perfectly good story.
@elyse The Hunger Games is one of the few stories that I've enjoyed both the book and movie.
@elyse audiobooks are similar to book. It's all about the mind's eye. I agree. Books are better for that. But when you're driving... ;-)
@elyse yeah, I'll probably see it...eventually. I enjoyed the HG movies. But I waited for the DVDs. - Thanks! :)
@elyse I enjoyed the least the first two. Kind of lost interest into the third. I might just pick up the audiobook for my commute.
@elyse did you read the book and/or watch the movie? I'm debating on whether to dive into the book/audiobook.
Winner winner chicken dinner! #EsuranceSave30

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