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Download a Bear! Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear
Purchase @UseClear thru Dec 7 & 100% of proceeds go to @RED’s fight against AIDS #AppsforRED cool!
@GoodNotesApp no worries. A minor inconvenience. Thanks for making such a useful app!
@GoodNotesApp with v4.4 at launch, I keep getting a turn on Bluetooth pop up. Is there a way to disable it?
@RonnieLutes stranger things have happened. But yeah, unlikely.
@RonnieLutes wow. That looks good. Note to self: if I'm ever in Veyo Utah...
@pocketcasts the new landscape view! ❀ πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
RT @pocketcasts: Pocket Casts 5 for iOS is out! More details here:
@HabibCham get ready! \o/
RT @HabibCham: Oh Apple please hurry up and approve @pocketcasts update. My eyes can't take this non optimised version any longer. πŸ™ˆ
I feel good knowing @GetCloak VPN keeps me safe on public Wi-Fi.
@pocketcasts that's what I figured. Thanks for the reply! *patiently waits for v5* 😁
@pocketcasts no, on iOS.
@pocketcasts (I think I know the answer but) is there a way to restrict automatic downloads to certain wifi networks?
@RonnieLutes at the top! I'm famous! \o/ @billkunz
@RonnieLutes that's one of my fav features. I'll take a number down on Drafts while on a call. Then, switch to "link" mode to make the call.
@formfireglass I am a fairly new iPad owner. Was going to get OF for iPad when I founf out it was pulled. Been using iPhone ver on my iPad.
@formfireglass Ooo...this _is_ good news! Glad I glanced here and saw your share. Thanks! :D
@NSRalph yeah. my ADNing has been sporadic at best. And T has been non-existent for evidence by my late reply! ;-)

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