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@opera Can I somehow disable 'ESC' to exit full screen mode on OSX? Can't find that in shortcuts.
@Tele2Croatia Vidim, opet ja i opet Alka :D Nebi li u tom slučaju trebalo pisat: 'krivo ste unijeli OIB', a ne ova… https://t.co/ZtHjSdE0fh
@Tele2Croatia Umoran sam od toga. Uvijek isti problem, trebam kupit bon i R1 račun i vaš web ne radi. Fix it
@Tele2Croatia Umoran sam od javljanja na DM
@Tele2Croatia https://t.co/XmfNAvn2Bs Nekaj ne štima s kupovinom bonova. Stalno isti problemi
@AmazonHelp Will do, thanks for help. 🙋‍♂️
@AmazonHelp Sure, but it says that card has already been used. I applied it around 25. Dec 2016 and didnt make any order
@AmazonHelp Unfortunately I don't see much. I think it must be applied to my .com account, but I tried to login to… https://t.co/sCjLcmQMBo
@AmazonHelp As far I remember it was added to .com but its not there anymore
@AmazonHelp Around 25. Dec 2016
@AmazonHelp I never ordered anything from Amazon, git gift card from client as xmass present. Clikc on mail says used, but 0 on my acc
@AmazonHelp gift card vanished from my account. Where do I get help? Not sure is it expired or what?
@CoinbaseSupport It's always a new device .. can I turn this off https://t.co/qi81xHsRMn
@RevolutApp clear the bugs before trying to get some investings https://t.co/fuuHR1Fe0Z
@ibericode https://t.co/HSvKNZv32n SSL error, can't access it
@MacAffinity Ok, I'll do a trial anyway. Thanks for getting back. Have a nice day 🙋🏻‍♂️
@MacAffinity do you support adobe .xd?
@Tele2Croatia 🙋🏻‍♂️

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