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It was awesome to have lunch with Tony Porter of #ACallToMen ... great day in Anderson! @ Suma Joe's
#Storytelling –> Texture is Connectivity ... Story of true #CancerFighters
#Storytelling --> Texture is Connectivity
Sarah is at again...being crafty!
Sara is at it again...being crafty!
RT @reedsmith: (Nerd Alert) The How-To Guide to Responsive Email Design #hcmktg #emarketing
@ryalcurtis thanks friend!
Rose and I were hunting dandelions yesterday!
Yep...another Sarah creation from 60 feet of burlap.
Sarah made this by hand...have no idea what it is, but looks cool! #crafty
There are sometimes that you feel the urge to drop this? #paperweight :)
I like this quote! #storytelling
Good morning #Greenville
Big shout to @wrixfm for inviting me to talk about #ACallToMen & @WhatIfAnderson this morning!
@SeattleMamaDoc reminds me of my great-grandmother who was raised during the depression and always found ways to truly "re-cycle" resources.
RT @reedsmith: 47.1% of patients said that online information gave them more confidence in discussions with their doctor…
fyi @abenton70 --> RT @BobbyRettew: One of the coolest gifts! Can you guess what it is?
@ReddingWriting Dude...I can probably identify with him...or maybe it is used for anesthesia during the kidney stone! @abenton70
One of the coolest gifts! Can you guess what it is?
Question of the day..."What's your story?" #storytelling

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