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RT @eternallyixing: yixing kept saying how it’s not easy at all to give the trainees’ their grade, he says he can’t bear to, being in the p…
RT @Medeea1803: @AdoreYou_BTS @Vliveofficial At least because of that job you have money to watch it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RT @jorcesm: ⚡️ “Mulheres usam preto no Globo de Ouro contra assédio sexual”
RT @1crazymonkeyboy: autistic.potato.v1's video
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RT @NatureisScary: Seal of Cthulhu
RT @cnes_binghamton: CBS News reports on the work of Father Reginald Foster -- Meet the priest determined to keep the Latin language alive…
RT @EricTrump: Well said @GeraldoRivera! There is no person more capable! I wouldn’t have fought as hard as I did if I didn’t believe that…
RT @SteveBannen: We are troubled by the decision of CNN Executives to once again have their reporters smoke pot in private, instead of doin…
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RT @MikeSington: And she didn’t let me down. Thank you, #Oprah. #GoldenGlobes
RT @Lactualite: 41 millions de dollars aux chirurgiens pour être à l’heure ? Vraiment ? | Billet de @Vadeboncoeur_Al #polqc #assnat #santé…
RT @Yankz1957: @ESPNCBB @espn how did that taste?
RT @ROLEYROEH: They love you, they hate you, or they hate that they love you or love that they hate you.
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be a bad ass with a good ass 😗
RT @davejorgenson: Cards Against Humanity bought the naming rights of the “Slammers,” a minor league team from Joliet, Illinois. They ren…
RT @Elishabenabuya: @ForIamPJ @JCsGirl83 ...and eat dust. Don't forget about the dust eating! ;) I prefer the Rabbinical interpretation th…
RT @Comey: Lordy I hope there are pictures.

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BMI, Inc. is a logistics company that provides direct & regular scheduled service between the United States, South America,& many other destinations worldwide .
Business Name
BMI, Inc.
Freight Forwarding Service, Logistics Service, Customs Broker, Trucking Company

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