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Dan wants to know, "Are you putting a time limit on everything you do?"
Consistency makes people successful.
Set your goals so you CAN'T fail. People cause their own frustration and default because they make changes that are too drastic.
The bottling business is tied to oil. One American making the decision not to drink bottled water is equal to pulling 3 cars off the road.
There are five investments that will always appreciate. Do you know what they are?
The average person loses 20 minutes per hour from lack of time management, which equates to over 5 hours a day.
You can only be as successful as your mentality will let you.
You don't have to let the economy determine your financial outcome.
Success comes in waves. See it, prepare for it, enjoy it, grow in it.
To capture a lot of volume you have to get a lot of people involved.
We all have the same resources, really. We've been given twenty-four hours a day. It's what we do in those hours that make the difference.
You can't outearn the structural capacity of the plan you've put in place.

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Dan Vega is America's #1 results guy. His goal for Blue Star Business Institute to make more millionaires than any other millionaire. Join us!

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