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70.00 USD

Monarch opal sterling silver ring with patterned flower sterling silver band-Handmade by Blazinbeads

I absolutely love monarch opals, and this opal cabochon is one of the best I've found yet! It has an array of colors, but to me what is most stunning about it is that it has firey reds that really sparkle and pop in the light! I also love the contrast of colors with the dark blue in the opal as well. It was hard to capture the beauty of this interesting opal in a picture!
I created this ring with fine sterling silver bezel, sterling silver on the back of the stone, and the band is also sterling. A beautiful floral design wraps around the band. I have added patina before the final polish to highlight the design of the patterned band.
Size 7.
Thanks for looking!

68.00 USD

HANDMADE Moonstone Shadowbox Sterling Silver Ring

I created this shadowbox ring with a beautiful little Moonstone cabochon which is great quality. Blue and firey flashes of color shine from the moonstone. The sterling silver band has a nice pattern and is very sturdy.
Size 7 3/4

70.00 USD

This unique ring was created with a monarch opal. I love opals, especially monarch opals, and I created this sterling ring with two different kinds of opals, the monarch opals, and two little Australian Opals. The colors in the center monarch opal are so luscious, with hues of purples, and blues. The band is sterling silver with a beautiful pattern of flowers and vines. I added a small amount of oxidation before the final polish to bring out the patterns on the sterling silver band.
Size 8

50.00 USD

I created this Lapis circle necklace with twisted sterling silver wire and a beautiful fine silver bezel. This simple design really highlights the beauty of the rich colored lapis stone. The lapis has bits of Pyrite in it which gives the stone character. Co. Especially with a 18 inch sterling silver chain which can be adjusted to any length, as the clasp can hook into the wide linked chain at any point.

50.00 USD

This sterling labradorite ring has a flash of color from any angle, and is so comfortable to wear. I created this ring with emphasis on just highlighting the natural shimmering beauty of the labradorite.
The labradorite sits in a bezel of fine sterling silver, and oxidation was added before final polish on the hammered band.

Labrodorite is known for balancing and protecting the aura, clarity, and attracting success.
The face of the labradorite measures 3/4 of an inch top to bottom, by just under 1/2 inch across.
This ring gits a size 8.5

75.00 USD

I created this necklace with a gorgeous piece of natural Nevada Turquoise. I set the cabochon in sterling silver, with a simple sleek design to really highlight the beauty of the stone. Comes with a 18 inch sterling silver chain.

75.00 USD

This handmade turquoise Sterling ring is so unique, and eye catching! The beautiful turquoise cabochon has copper matrix running throughout the stone. The turquoise cabochon is set in fine silver bezel, and the rest of the ring is sterling silver. The band has a sweet flower pattern and fits comfortably.
Size 9 3/4

90.00 USD

Labrodorite sterling silver ring - I absolutely love this flashy blue piece of labradorite, and I was inspired to create a one of a kind stunning ring to do the stone justice. It's hard to capture the true beauty of the colorful flashes of color in a picture. The labradorite cabochon has hints of red/orange as well as green and blue hues
I created this ring completely from scratch, soldering each silver ball on carefully, as well as the cute little flower at the top of the bezel. The band is a heavy guage of sterling wire, giving just the right amount of balance to the piece.
This ring fits a size 8 and the setting measures just about 1 inch by just under half a inch in width. The sterling band has a sweet Hibiscus design wrapping all the way around the band. All the embellishments are ster as well.
The backplate of the ring has my makers mark on it.
Thanks for looking!

90.00 USD

This is a stunning, eye catching purple labrodorite ring which I created with great care and love for my craft.
Made with fine silver, and .925 sterling silver, this ring has a very feminine wide sterling silver band with hibiscus flowers wrapped around the sterling band.
The labrodorite stone has beautiful reflective colors with purple and hues of pink.
Please be aware that with a larger band the ring size should be about 1/2 a size larger than you normally wear.
Ring measures a size8 1/4
Stone measures a little over a inch and 3/4" width.

75.00 USD

Turquoise Ring set in fine silver with sterling silver band.
This stunning piece of natural Nevada turquoise is naturally a very light blue. I created this ring with emphasis on highlighting the beauty of the turquoise piece, and keeping the design simple, and sleek. The light, sky blue color of the turquoise looks so beautiful with the sterling bezel.
Size 6 3/4

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