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RT @FortuneMagazine: Check out today's Broadsheet, Fortune's daily newsletter on the world's most powerful women
RT @BruceVH: #LifeThought: You don't need to be perfect to inspire people! |
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Do you feel it is more important to be fair or generous? #leadership #generosity #fairness
RT @HarvardBiz: How early employees can keep their jobs at a growing startup
RT @HarvardBiz: Research shows why major creative breakthroughs happen in your late 30s via @qz
RT @FortuneMagazine: IBM's revenues are down for nine quarters in a row. Can CEO Ginni Rometty turn things around? #…
RT @LeadershipTipss: Life is filled with possibilities.
Dropouts, Calligraphy and One of the Greatest Companies You Know
FUN FACT:Universities are now introducing a Puppy Room where students go and play with puppies to relieve stress. Who wants this at work? :)
Do you see more potential in people than they actually see in themselves? #buildconfidence #strongrelationships #faithineachother
RT @Forbes: Hiring someone who intimidates you is taking a risk:
RT @Forbes: You can't be an effective executive if you're not aware of the effect your actions & personality have on others:…
RT @Forbes: Here are 10 ways to spot a bad boss – before you take the job:
RT @Forbes: All too often, leadership analysis focuses only on results, & not how those results are attained:
RT @LeadershipTipss: Learn from yesterday, live 4 today, hope 4 2morrow. The important thing is not 2 stop questioning. ~ Albert Einstein
RT @Forbes: Time is a finite resource that rarely gets optimized simply because "office fires" arise that throw priorities askew: http://t.…
Have you enhanced anyone's career? #leadership #helpingothers #DoGood #relationships
If our company went out of business tomorrow, would anyone who doesn't get a paycheck here care? -Dan Pink #leadership #future #planning
Ask yourself, "What is it like to work for me/with me?" #leadership #thinkaboutit

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