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RT @Cybuhr: Leadership is about life not business. Only in this context do we fully understand the importance of leadership to business. #l…
APPLAUSE for @LeadWithGiants and @CachetPrescott for an engaging hour at #LeadWithGiants - Great being back!
RT @LeadWithGiants: It's been wonderful to have @CachetPrescott as a guest-host in #LeadWithGiants (Who's next?)
A10- You don't have to see the whole staircase. #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q10 How does open-mindedness and flexibility fit into career development? #LeadWithGiants
RT @TranslationLady: Great pt! RT @CachetPrescott: A9: Should not when your plan doesn't align with the company’s mission, vision and goals…
A9- This is a good example where trust is vital. #LeadWithGiants
RT @Cybuhr: Indeed. RT @DanVForbes: A9 Saying to your mgr, "I want your job," may be awkward. #LeadWithGiants
A9- It depends on many factors: the management, the company, the support for growth, etc. #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q9 Why (or why shouldn’t) employees discuss their career plans with management?? #LeadWithGiants
A8- Leaders do not always choose the best to lead. They provide opportunities and allow them to rise. #LeadWithGiants
RT @DanVForbes: YOU GIANTS ARE ROCKIN' #LeadWithGiants
A8- Acknowledge their growth, and encourage it in a way that is motivational to them. #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q8 How can leaders engage and support employees in their career development efforts? #LeadWithGiants
RT @wadestanford: Bam!!! RT @DanVForbes: Q7 The higher you want to climb, the better the communication skills required. #LeadWithGiants
RT @wadestanford: A7 Communication is the key to success. Understand that it is a two-way street: Talk & Listen. #LeadWithGiants
RT @AlaskaChickBlog: RT @P2PEngagement RT @ILJ014: A7 If you can't communicate, you won't elevate. #LeadWithGiants
A7- Communication is critical. Listening, negotiation, relating, etc. is key to developing your career. #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q7 What impact does communication have on career development? #LeadWithGiants
RT @DanVForbes: Right! RT @kimmindy7: A6: Be your own motivation and don't let yourself be afraid of taking risks! #LeadWithGiants

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