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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs via @forbes
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Sometimes you have to double your commitment. If you want it enough, you take the actions that need to be taken.
"The only limits you have are the limits you believe." Wayne Dyer
You can have a vision and strategy for your company, but if you do not create the culture to support it you are left empty handed.
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RT @LeadWithGiants: @BethTabak @kimmindy7 You're quoted in a story "Leading On A Lifeline w/Breast Cancer Survivor Dr. Gia Sison" http://t.…
@TranslationLady -- And we always appreciate you, too, Lori! #leadwithgiants
RT @marcsmithseci: A 10 - My #LeadWithGiants chat!
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q10 What are some personal activities you enjoy which add depth to your purpose as a leader? #LeadWithGiants
RT @MelanyStowe: Great point! @Fearless_Teach: A9: Reflection helps us consider if what we are doing is aligned with our purpose #LeadWithG…
RT @BrandonLewin: A9: Reflection keeps you true to your purpose. Brings you back if you fall away. #LeadWithGiants
@DanVForbes -- Fantastic! Must be gorgeous this time of year. Enjoy!#LeadwithGiants
A9- Reflection allows a moment to pause and grow thru lessons and clarity. #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q9 How does reflection help you refine your purpose? #LeadWithGiants
RT @Cybuhr: A8: Purpose shifts in epiphany moments that reveal a greater vision. #leadwithgiants
@SelectStaffing YES, I've noticed we are getting more educators here. How exciting!! Changing the world @ #LeadwithGiants
RT @SelectStaffing: Just want to commend all the educators on #leadwithgiants tonight! Doing good work. Thumbs up

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