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RT @llake: Bam. #LeadWithGiants
RT @Cybuhr: Thank you, Lou & Dan @LouHayesJr @DanVForbes, for an awesome discussion! #leadwithgiants
Have a great week being adaptive, Giants. Thanks for your wisdom at #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Pls RT. Join #LeadWithGiants next Monday 6pm CT for Leadership Ethics with host @DanVForbes and @JKatzaman
RT @Cybuhr: A10: Equip them to serve. Empower them to lead. #leadwithgiants
RT @DanVForbes: #LeadWithGiants
@billquiseng - Nice, Bill! #LeadWithGiants
RT @billquiseng: A10: Use CARE. Communicate. Appreciate. Recognize. Empower. #leadwithgiants
@Cybuhr -- Love this, Daniel! #LeadWithGiants
RT @Cybuhr: A10: To nurture adaptability give everyone the freedom to lead. #leadwithgiants
RT @DanVForbes: A10 Give people permission to fail. #LeadWithGiants
A10- Listen to ideas of team members in various departments, not just a couple people. #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q10 As leaders, how can we best nurture adaptability in people and organizations? #LeadWithGiants
@PanteliT -- Excellent point, Panteli! #LeadWithGiants
RT @PanteliT: A9: People don't leave companies, they leave people. #LeadWithGiants
@DanVForbes -- Yes!!! #LeadWithGiants
A9- Demanding obedience- Large turnover #LeadWithGiants
A9- Oh no you didn't! I don't respond well to the word obedience. -- ha ha #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q9 What are the risks with demanding obedience to inflexible rules? #LeadWithGiants
RT @TranslationLady: A8: Too many rules: stagnation Too few rules: chaos. #LeadWithGiants

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