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One of the greater insights picked up over the years is that we are all capable of far more than we realize, especially together.
Celebrating the humble, talented, exceptional World Champion Houston Astros!!! #historyearned #houstonstrong #thankyouastros
@DeAndreHopkins Exactly Hop! As we found out during Hurricane Harvey, we all need each other and are capable of so…
What 20 Celebs With The Flattest Abs Eat Every Day
Why an NFL player who earns millions still drives a 26-year-old car he bought for $2
RT @CEandO: Hands UP!
50 Daily Habits of Naturally Thin People
@deshaunwatson -- Happy B-Day Deshaun! What a fantastic first NFL start. Enjoy it! #GoTexans #DeshaunWatson
Touching words on 2 flatbeds carrying H2O: Harvey Bound-from the Community of San Angelo, TX- God Bless #cried @CityofSanAngelo THX
All races, religions, political parties, financial status work together, help each other. #humanconnection #people1st #houstonflood
50 Easy Habits That Help You Live Longer, According to Science
Refreshing to meet America's newest billionaire, millennial Lynsi Snyder
The single best type of exercise for your brain, according to scientists
a11- I will dare to be more adaptable by making the one phone call that will provide information to help me shift. #DareToBe
@HardRockCarla That's fantastic, Carla. Embrace those opportunities and have fun exploring where they lead. #DareToBe
Thank you @asanchez16 for an ever changing chat on #adaptability >> Standing Ovation >> #DareToBe
RT @asanchez16: Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week! #DareToMake a difference! #DareToBe
@ABEducational Oh yes!! #DareToBe
RT @asanchez16: Q11: Tomorrow I will dare to be more adaptable by ___________________. #DareToBe
RT @mscator: "Geronimo." a10 #daretobe

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