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RT @denisebuchman: I knew I was excited for today - talking #women #leadwithgiants by @DanVForbes - feel like I just ran a 10K LOL http://t…
RT @PowerTraining3: "If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." Jim Rohn #motivation #quotes
RT @TranslationLady: I will 2nd that! TYVM male GIANTS! RT @metrony: My gratitude to all the MEN who stayed with us thru this conversation!…
RT @Cybuhr: This has been a dicey topic. Perfect for a community of respectful leaders. TY, Michelle & Dan @metrony @DanVForbes #leadwithgi…
Thank you @DanVForbes and @metrony for a very important conversation. Knowledge leads to change. #LeadWithGiants
A big thank you to the men who were here to support Women in Leadership. There is room for us all! #LeadWithGiants
RT @JohnRichardBell: @connect2life @DanVForbes <~very thought-provoking chat tonight. Glad I stopped by. #leadwithgiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Join #LeadWithGiants next Monday for ‘Team Communication’ with host @DanVForbes & guest @leadbyadventure Will Ratliff
RT @FM_Aubin: A1: Trick question: The definition of effective leadership doesn't have gender qualifiers. Don't fall prey to stereotypes. #L…
RT @Jonathan_HR_Law: @jandis_price I know women who don't ask for money or apologize. Ask and don't apologize. If you earned it, ask for…
A10- I learn from the best leaders, male or female. #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q10 How to you go about making gender a none issue when it comes to #Leadership? #LeadWithGiants
You can tell many of us have been reading 'Lean In' thanks to Sheryl Sandberg #LeadWithGiants
RT @denisebuchman: @BJBmom5 Yes Barb! Change has been slow frankly not enough #women are standing up in board rooms speaking truth, leaning…
A9- Question is: Are women tolerating their pay more than men? #LeadWithGiants
A9- Maybe women do not 'lean in' as much as men and ask to be compensated what they are worth. Wanting to be likeable. #LeadWithGiants
Yes, WHY? Q9 Why are women not compensated equally? #LeadWithGiants
RT @LeadWithGiants: Q9 Why are women not compensated equally? #LeadWithGiants
RT @denisebuchman: A8 Women have the tendency to want to be "likeable" in business..slippery slope as a CEO or Leader poor decisions get ma…
A8- A female leader will lose respect if they worry about being likeable instead of staying focused. #LeadWithGiants

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