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ARTICLE: Coffee Not Linked to Serious Heart Rhythm Disturbances - ABC News
RECIPE: Jacques P├ępin's Coffee-Rum Truffettes
@cityjournal Reviews of the Capresso MT500 note brewing temp as a particular strength; also has thermal carafe:
@lkomatsu Here's an EXCELLENT machine on a great sale right now for $220 (& free shipping): . Comes with frother.
@woodstargh If you haven't purchased yet, check out the Nespresso CitiZ auto espresso machine: .
@lattewars If you haven't purchased yet, you might also consider Jura-Capresso. For an auto-machine, check out
Now on sale: Capresso's new, updated CoffeeTeam Coffeemaker with CONICAL Burr Grinder -- marked down to just $174.95!
GREAT markdown on the deluxe DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine -- now just $713.20:
ARTICLE: Coffee lowers risk of diabetes and liver fibrosis, hepatitis and prostate cancer
RECIPE: "Michael's Banana Coffee Muffins" from Paula Deen
RECIPE: Espresso date log with Greek yogurt
ARTICLE: Do the math before opening a coffee shop
@jolyonsuthers Definitely check out the Nespresso CitiZ & the Essenza Both excellent.
@kareemwilliams if you like a smooth taste, try Kona. For the ultimate smooth brew, Jamaican Blue Mountain is hard to beat. Pricey, but mmm.
@wistfulwriter Do you prefer auto or manual? The Nespresso CitiZ (an auto) actually performs great as it looks -
@AllySaysRelax @arealitychick Sounds good! Check out the Nespresso CitiZ; high performing and very stylish --
@LindaLocke Excellent ... As it happens, my family bought that very model for my Mom for Christmas, and she loves it! Hope you do, too. :)
@megd1 Hi; I think the best Grind N Brew out there right now is the Capresso 464 w/conical burr grinder:
@LindaLocke I think Keurig's got the 1-cup machine down to a science. Here's a model I'd suggest:
@nfjkerr Hi there; you might check out these 2 from Capresso: and

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