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Trendy mum, vintage mum, classic mum, mother nature? Which is yours? Read our new blog to find out!
Ballet inspired fashion; how to wear feathers without looking like a turkey! Check out our latest blog.
Purple passion: looks great with pink, and red for a bold contrast! Read our new blog post for more.
Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will last longer than flowers or chocolates & will remind her of you?...
It’s flowery, it’s folksy and it’s 70’s inspired…check out our new blog
Looking for birthday gift inspiration? We're here to help, check out our latest blog
Avoid the scrum of Christmas shopping...where people have clearly left their manners at home! View new blog post
"Everything I design is inspired by life, music, emotions and passion.." Belong Jewellery Featured in FE Magazine
#BlackFriday -sounds sinister to me, but apparently it's not! So for 1 day only get 20% OFF, just quote 'BLKFRI'.
Snow Inspired jewellery! What a wonderful start to the festive season!
Belong jewellery are donating 10% today’s sales to #ChildrenInNeed. So treat yourself & help the kids too!
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Capture the romance of Paris…
“these buttons as they remind me of the wonderful weekend in Paris when we found this amazing vintage button shop”
“I just couldn’t help myself; I was like a kid in a sweetie shop! Et voila! The ‘Paris Café’ collection.”
Featuring mother-of-pearl & hand painted buttons from Paris with gemstones, Swarovski & Silver.
It looks rather like you’ve run into the fabric section of John Lewis and dressed yourself in it..
I advocate colour, and lots of it!
Something to brighten up a winter day and bring a smile to your lips.
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Exclusive design-led, handmade jewellery featuring Sterling Silver and more semi-precious stones than I can mention!
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