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Sorry about being quiet been abit swamped, thank you all so much for your messages, will be tweeting again very soon!
sometimes all you need to get back on track is a deep breath with the knowledge that you can do this. Just Breath.
may4lbs you'll suceed. So just focus on eating well day and burning your 500 cals!
mat4lbs if you just focus on making today as good as you can and stop worrying about tomorrows food or how much you have to lose..
#may4lbs the weekend..your time! your opportunity to do something for YOU.
#may4lbs..So first GOALS..they need to be realistic..No more than 1-2lbs a week or 8lbs a month. Make your journey as easy as you can.
@softlyspoken68 @Pattielle guilt is the reason we all fall down..we've got to learn to let it go!!
#may4lbs before you start to change your eating habits..think about a few things..goals, timescales and your life whist losing the weight..
#may4lbs. One of the cruel things we do to our selves is to expect our selves to starve and feel guilty when we fail..
#May 4lbs..the next few tweets are all about motivation and trying to change the way you see your weight loss. I hope you find them usefull.
@Pattielle I know!! But you can..even if you only say no one time in 10 you've still said NO! ;)
It takes one minute to change your mind and make the right food descision. So next time your faced with a cookie, Deep breath and say NO
#may4lbs its not the falling down that destroys us, its the staying down. if you have a bad food day, leave it at that one bad day.
#May4lbs (dull tweet!) spring cleaning a room for an hour will burn about 250 cals, move furniture, polish the windows, wash the wood work..
#may4lbs some bad you know that some "low fat" verisons of food can contain more cals than the normal version..check your labels!
@pigpog_s your probably looking at between 50-100 cals (the more you weigh the more you burn!)
#May4lbs What do you think you'll do differently to yourself when your slimmer? take care of your self better? Do it now.
#may4lbs to make any journey easier you need to have FUN. so do something today that will make you laugh. Skip, dance..tickle someone!
Go to bed as happy as you can tonight..just do your best, just concentrate on burning you 500 cals today!
treat your weight loss like a journey of discovery.Use it to really get to know your strenghts and weaknesses.Everybody has hidden strenght.

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