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@warddavide @Hardywood seriously great #beer ... cheers!!
@HopheadMark @Karben4 Nice. We were at the brewery drinking that last week. Cheers!
@scarle21 How'd it turn out?
What #beer are you drinking now? #Thanksgiving
RT @ajnaut: The @BellsBrewery Best Brown Ale brined turkey with recipe from @BeerAdvocate turned out great!!
And we’re back. Cheers!
We’re performing some forum maintenance this morning. Shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. Back soon. Cheers!
Happy #Thanksgiving, everyone! May your day be full of thanks, awesome people, and delicious food & #beer. Maybe a nap too. Cheers!
@w00master That’s the plan. It’s just a first version, and we’ve been collecting feedback since it launched.
The classic BeerAdvocate Tee is back! Pre-purchase it now + more. #beer
What #beer(s) are you planning to pair w/ your #Thanksgiving dinner?
What brewery or #beer are you "thankful" for? #Thanksgiving
Checkout: Sean Paxton’s (@Homebrewchef) BeerAdvocate magazine #Thanksgiving Recipes #beer
Less than 150 tickets left for #ExtremeBeerFest Session #1 on Mar 20 in #Boston! #beer
.@MaineBrewers Guild Announces Plan to Launch #Maine #Beer School in 2015
Easy gift for the holidays, BeerAdvocate magazine (12 issues - $9.99) #beer
What #beer is everyone drinking on this fine Saturday?
Last call for #ExtremeBeerFest tickets! Only ~300 left. March 20 #Boston @dogfishbeer #beer
@immadesigner Check/search our Beer Talk forum; lots of helpful discussions there.
Easy gift for the holidays, BeerAdvocate magazine (12 issues - $9.99) #beer

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