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What #beer are you drinking now? #1132 #Thanksgiving
Share your #Thanksgiving #Beer & #Food Pairings!
Thanks for being a part of BeerAdvocate! We hope your #Thanksgiving is an awesome one, and paired with great beer, food and people.
@ModernRickk Nothing was merged. Sammyjaxx posted double threads. And one was removed by him when he realized his mistake.
@ModernRickk #derp
.@dogfishbeer Brewing & Eats to tap Hoo Lawd (the hoppiest beer ever documented) on Wed, Dec 2. Join us!
Some Black Friday #beer reading from issue 59 for those who can't get their hands on #BourbonCountyStout this year.
The end of @PrettyBeer …
Five years ago, @Valley_Malt was the only micro-maltster on the East Coast. In 2011, @heathervandy told their story
Nice pairing!
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@BEERchitect It’ll be OK. ;-)
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