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@DrPaisley Yes, as per the FAQ.
Set your reminders: #ExtremeBeerFest tickets go on sale this Sat, Aug 1 @ 12 noon EST.
How to go from being you to being Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River) in nine easy steps (Sep 2007)
@patrickrudek PS - We do love Bavaria and its beer.
@ShanyeQwest For being a dick, and now it's permanent. #crybaby
@patrickrudek LOL. OK.
@BobbyStrother We’re working in it. In the meantime, you can create an account using the app.
Checked out any new #beer places this weekend? Take a moment to drop them a review:
Don't miss Last Call with Stefano Daneri, project manager at Good People Brewing Co.'s Ado…
@07S197 Don't use WiFi.
@07S197 Have a phone with a data plan? Try that.
Trying a new #beer on this fine Sunday? Share your experience here:
Awesome read by Evan Rail on American brewers bringing new brews to the Old World. Photo o…
@stantonmike72 @craftbeer @bklynbrewshop Tell us how it turns out.
@1withself Thanks! We appreciate the support.
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.@TheHopConcept to release Lemon & Grassy IPA

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