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The weekend is here! What beer are you drinking now? #1210
@calgarycoder @BeerIsMyChurch @Lucklys That's why it came with a disclaimer. Here's a list from our Places database:
@calgarycoder @BeerIsMyChurch @Lucklys This article is outdated now, but the breweries mentioned all are still open:
@IndyDaredevil Sure, and happy reading!
Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue "about 60% of craft beer basically sucks”
Massachusetts to hit Craft Brewers Guild with 90-day license suspension for "pay to play” deals
@uperez_15 You might want to double-check with @foundersbrewing, but their calendar says June:
@JoeyStats707 This might help, too:
Go ahead, impress somebody on Valentines Day this year. We've got the recipe(s):
Beer is meant to be cold. Your head isn't. Stay warm in any season w/ our new knit beanie.
The @StoneBrewingCo story started 20 years ago this month in San Diego. We talked to @StoneGreg in issue 4. #Stone20
@JoshMBernstein @bradisback228 @GrimmAles Oh, you mean THIS article?
Bummed that you're missing @CigarCityBeer's #HunDay2016 next month? Homebrew your woes away!
@Eventide_Taylor There could be a shorter follow-up later this year. Especially if @austinlouisray pitches something instead of doubting us!
Three Creole-inspired recipes from @Homebrewchef that are perfect for the #beer lover celebrating #MardiGras.
Save the dates! BeerAdvocate Microbrew Invitational, June 3-4. Tickets are on sale now:
RT @ETthatsme: A herd of attendees hurried to try a certain brewery at the @BeerAdvocate #ExtremeBeerFest this past weekend.…
RT @stealthisbeer: Stealing beer with @BeerAdvocate @ToddAlstrom @JasonAlstrom #stealthisbeer #EBF2016
RT @bostonjoc: This year's #ExtremeBeerFest had the best tap list, ever, anywhere. @beeradvocate
RT @cbc_belmont: A proper #ThankYou to @BeerAdvocate for putting on another successful #EBF and bringing tons of #BeerGeeks to our fair cit…

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