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Journal icon for an Essentials icon set
Are you a designer working on a project that's running a Christmas promo? You're in luck, I'm giving away 12 icons!
@BazDeas Wishing for an updated iMac or Mac Pro, but not holding my breath. Seems like we 'Pro' users are a dying breed.
I was hoping that macOS would make my 2014 iMac usable at 5k retina, like it's supposed to. But nope. Still running 2560x1440.
Just started a team on Dribbble for a new icon studio venture I'm heading up at
@emilwidlund Yes, Framer is my daily driver, but I'm not naturally a coder so I was hoping for much more with Origami Studio
Origami Studio is nice, but sucks with Sketch. Copy and pasting a mockup isn't good enough. Proper support, please? 😀
12 Free Christmas icons to use in any of your personal and commercial projects!
Liking the iPad Pro support for Sketch mirror, and improved Undo.
RT @jasonfried: Questions to ask to figure out what’s really worth doing
@BazDeas It really sucks when an awesome moment happens, you pull out your GoPro but it doesn't fucking record. It just freezes like a rock.
Furious at my GoPro Hero 4 Black that is CONSTANTLY freezing despite using their recommended memory cards.
@FitbitSupport I don't know my refund number. I signed up for a return kit online. Received the kit then sent it back last year.
RT @JaapRood: You can still hire me to build your UIs / APIs as well. Available for 25-30h/week or less from next week on as a contractor.
@MaxBosch Fantastic :D
Lost the WIFI remote for my GoPro and 1 biking glove on the trail yesterday :( Any creative uses for a singular glove?
@MPothoven @JaapRood Heh, no promises. I'm gonna be on the road for the next year with no real opportunity for a European vacation :(
@MPothoven That's a lot better than the view I had in the last place I lived of just houses hah.
@MPothoven :D
@MPothoven Thanks! :D

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