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@Cervinho_ Hi Cervinho, apologies for the late reply! Unfortunately, we no longer supply Bavaria 8.6% to UK superma…
@PrincessWombat @Tesco Hope that clears everything up, @PrincessWombat! Proost!
@PrincessWombat @Tesco Hi @PrincessWombat, we're sorry to hear this! You're absolutely correct, Bavaria 0.0% does n…
@MonkH_R @ManUtd @Atholl @maccasports @Atholl1965_FC Natural trendsetters of the football world! Hope the season's…
“Sorry, was that a pint or two halves?” Bavaria. A shockingly independent beer. #BavariaBeer #Halloween
“No, we don’t serve Bloody Marys!” Bavaria. A shockingly independent beer. #BavariaBeer #Halloween
@ChloeOrrock Very method, @Alexander_R_Tol ! You survived sharks, bulls and seagulls unscathed - dread to think wha…
@cookiesworld You're very welcome John, congratulations for winning! Hope you enjoy the beer, Proost!
“Wanted: candidate with vast brewing knowledge. Must have own transport.” Bavaria. A shockingly independent beer.…
“Just the thing for a perishing thirst.” Bavaria. A shockingly independent beer. #BavariaBeer #Halloween
“Red hood? Lives with her Grandma? Sorry, not a clue.” Bavaria. A shockingly independent beer.
Beautifully taken shot of a refreshing pint of Bavaria, courtesy of @davidpearce873 . Proost, David! #BavariaBeer…
@DavidPearce873 Fantastic stuff David, thanks! Proost!
@iknowthewords @macmillancancer Congrats Charlie! Glad our 0.0% could help you out, best of luck for the last 12 days - Proost!
@AshMakoro Good choice, Ash - was that also a subtle score prediction too? If so, you got it spot on! Proost!
A continental pour, for authentic refreshment. Proost! #BavariaBeer #FridayFeeling #WelcomeToTheWeekend…
We malt our own barley, so we can be sure of the finest quality ingredients for our premium pilsner. #BavariaBeer…
@ZoADeSan @Bavaria Hi there, @Bavaria_ZA is the account for South Africa. Hope that helps. Proost!
@DavidPearce873 That's the plan! It was well received in the launch run, so you may see it in other locations aroun…
@DavidPearce873 Hope that helps, David! We're hoping to launch in other locations in the near future. Proost!

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Beers brewed in Holland since 1719. Bavaria’s range of non and low alcoholic beers are great tasting and refreshing. Join the experience!
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Hollands Premium Beer Malt 0.0% Regular Bottle 33CL Can 33CL Malt 0.0% WIT Bottle 25CL Bottle 33CL Can 33CL Premium Alcoholic Bottle 33CL Bottle 33CL (PET) Bottle 50CL Bottle 66CL Can 33CL Can 44CL Can 50CL

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