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@Speedway been driving all over town, no cashiers know how to sell a $50 iTunes gift card!! Any tips? Blew way over $10 in gas/time...
@turbotax wow 6th year using TurboTax, never again. waiting on hold to complete in app purchases since their system isnt working this year..
@TommieCopper that would be a ridiculous way to resolve this. No other options?
@TommieCopper I love when a company blasts me with a promo, I order, then the day the package arrives, they send out a better discount code
My dad has accounts with M&I now @BMOHarrisBank @BMO for 40+ years they are about to lose him over an erroneous $50 fee! #CreditUnions 4life
@AnonyMissBadger nope... :( 😥 taking the summer off
@AnonyMissBadger Sadly no where. You may run into some people wearing my stuff. I'd suggest offering them money and ice cream in exchange!
Save 40% on remaining 2014 merch! Use code TREES when you order at:
Your Mom! Is a nice lady.
Ok @Citibank may be completely lacking in #CSR skills aka worst eva but @AskCiti are friendly normal human beings so that's cool. #training
I have no problem with a business making a business decision, like I make business decisions, but don't lie to me @Citibank @AskCiti #usuck
why I'll be switching my @HiltonHHonors @Citibank card to the @AmericanExpress HltonHonors card. people. one rep. that's all it takes #CSR
@AskCiti I've been waiting on a call back for an hour...
I travel the world w/ @HiltonHHonors & have a ton of points, love them. made mistake of getting an Hilton @Citibank card, CANCELING! so bad
My t-shirts were on @BigBang_CBS season premier last night!
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Do you want to have an ultimate weekend? Of course you do. You can enter by clicking here #UltimateWeekender.
@Psych_USA + @Mike_Doughty_ ala #soulcoughing =entertaining surprise on my DVR today

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