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RT @jpodhoretz: This story is so amazing I wish I could read it again anew.
RT @MeganEllyia: Students leaving the dorms of @SLU_Official to join protests. #STLVerdict
RT @U2RadioBrook: Message from Bono on tonight's cancellation. #u2thejoshuatree2017 #stlouisprotest
RT @Dayngr: I wouldn't count on gifts from Santa this year. #CantUnseeThis #IsSantaOk
Fall best time for #biking in #cincinnati 🚴‍♀️🚴🏼
Glorious blue sky and yellow #sunflower day! 🌻 🌌#cincinnati @ Parky's Farm fan
RT @punchdouble: I'm starting a startup called Nah, that aims to disrupt the launching of startups aiming to disrupt things that don't need…
Buzz Aldrin Had to File an Expense Report for His Trip to the Moon
RT @NiemanLab: Snapchat and Instagram have the largest share of non-white users checking for news among social media sites…
RT @MaxTemkin: Maybe if I get the new iPhone I'll be happy
@Mosqvich @tcm @Disney @WaltDisneyWorld Never done that, Dan! Went only once when son was eight. Too young, perhaps…
Thanks @tcm for deal with @disney for broadcast of old movie like Swiss Family Robinson and Kidnapped. Memories for me & new for kids.
@Dayngr @Besvinick dealing w/son being in college. and watching others watching for Hurricanes! 😂
RT @anniemal: Outstanding reporting here.
@Dayngr @Besvinick And Twitter would like me to fave that comment but instead, I will reply "yes" and ask: how ya doing, Trish? ;)
Completely agree! Caused me to just mute someone who over-favorites. Favorites should be in a list for you or other…
Even though your only accomplishment was a hot dinner. Still a #GoodDay #lifeisgood
RT @qz: Welcome to MCity, the fake town that was built to serve one purpose: to test self-driving cars.
I will not watch #HurricaneIrma coverage on cable anymore today. So irresponsible to send reporter crews into harms way @CNN @MSNBC @FoxNews
RT @jeffjarvis: How long before a reporter or camera crew dies to get good storm footage?

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