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"Next Door - an app worth reconsidering! " (hear my audio review of @Nextdoor on @bumpers)
True American heroes #love 🇺🇸👏🏼
RT @CatholicMeme: How to Start a Podcast: 7 Steps for #Podcasting Beginners! (Well done, @robertoblake. Quick & to the point) 👏🏼 https://t.…
RT @lifehacker: Hot to spot a phony GoFundMe campaign:
@Mosqvich you don't follow Coulter much, do you? 😂
@Mosqvich a complete setup by Coulter. her sponsor pulled out and then she did. (similar to FoxNews & O'Reilly). Ga…
RT @EricaBlairLive: How to hack #FacebookLive & get your videos seen with Suzanne Nguyen @StringStory Full video:…
@carlosgil83 @espn downfall of traditional media is a constant. more a sign end of "traditional" sports. also?…
@Dayngr for me, use @IFTTT. Surprised so many don't do this! #Instagram
RT @marshallk: Three cheers for Twitter growth!!
Timely post, @jbernoff! "Confessions of a mansplainer" (esp. experience online) #mansplaining
Reason #456 to use mobile web version in Chrome on my iPhone. No Facebook app nonsense for me.
@RealPokerMan @anchor So sweet from @Dayngr. Glad you're posting here on Twitter! :)
Beautiful day! (@ Mecklenburg Gardens in Cincinnati, OH)
Best thing you could do to someone who believes he's educating you about software development? Ignore him. #Mansplaining
Stepping outside for a break #blueskies #greentrees #sunshine #spring
“There was too much focus on culture and creating this nirvana of a company. This is not a fraternity, this is a bus…
RT @pgillin: Good advice here-->12 ways your landing page is making you lose potential customers
Cincinnati, signup for "The Mill Creek Watershed Council's Wildflower Walk"

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Passionate about media especially new, social and emerging. Enjoy family, gardening and my town, Cincinnati. Tweeting since 03/07!

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