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Eating+Utensils+For+Those+Suffering+From+Parkinson's+Disease #constantcontact
New on the Banner Therapy blog--aromatherapy can help relieve postoperative nausea:
Save+on+Reflexology+Sandals!!! #constantcontact
New blog post--Dr. Mehmet Oz on the health benefits of massage therapy:
Slant Seat Cushions for Back Pain While Driving #constantcontact
Herbal Wraps Are Back! #constantcontact
Learn how Rosemary oil can boost brain power!
Self Care With Reflexology and Aromatherapy! #constantcontact
SAVE on Tools For Healthy Living #constantcontact
The New York Times on why athletes should consider foam rolling:
Save on Banner Sciatica Belt! #constantcontact
Norske Skin Therapy Is Back! Save Now! #constantcontact
Slant Seat Cushions for Back Pain While Driving #constantcontact
A new blog post on keeping your home ant-free this spring:
SAVE!! On Argan Oil--Moroccan Beauty Secret! #constantcontact
Like Biofreeze? Then You'll Love Therafreeze! #constantcontact
Today! One day sale on speed jump ropes--$2.00!
Save 25% On Essential Oil Blends From Banner Therapy!!! #constantcontact
New phone systems are great ... except when they don't work. If you need to reach us, please use
New teleseminar on Essential Oils for Trauma and Abuse:

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