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Though I am certainly happy about today’s court proceedings, I do long for the days when the presidency was not fil…
For evangelicals: loving God while also fearing him, this fervent belief system seems to be the very start of an aw…
Glad to work somewhere that when you look and sound miserable they let you go home to get better. Thank you, Pottery Barn Family. :)
Terrorists, Hypocritical Evangelists, Morally Bankrupt Politicians, Racists, Nazis, Homophobes, Common Thread: Beli…
RT @ConnerHabib: RT if you'd rather your kid be raised by drag queens than ever be in a room alone with Alex Jones.
@IvankaTrump: how's it feel to have your dad side w/ the orgs who wish your husband and his ancestors were wiped off the face of the earth?
I just earned a free play by playing #StarbucksSummerGame #ad
RT @NateBerkus: Great minds deserve great offices. Get yours up to code. Here's how: #NateBerkusAssociates https://…
RT @mydomaine: This is how you should style your window treatments, says @NateBerkus:
RT @NateBerkus: At Nate Berkus Associates, we take our install kits seriously. Want to see what makes the cut? LINK:…
@SeamusOReilly69 Soooo flexible.
@SeamusOReilly69 Gym has the same affect on me
@SeamusOReilly69 Woooooooof!!!!
@SeamusOReilly69 @MitchHarrisonXX @quakerugby I want one!!!
@SeamusOReilly69 Yes, boy. Need some sunscreen?
This will be fantastic!
Always an awesomely memorable time.
The ginger banana bread with spiced cream cheese filling in the oven sure smells good. — making food

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