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A common question we address is "What is contested divorce?" Find out the answer, here:
If you have any move-away custody legal issues, learn how our attorneys may be able to help, here:…
If you have any legal matters concerning child support, our attorneys are prepared to help. Learn more, here:…
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One question we often address is, "Am I eligible for a simplified divorce?" Find the answer to this #FAQ, here:…
If you are in a domestic partnership and have decided to separate, our attorneys can help you. Learn more here:…
To read how we have helped our clients and to find more case results, click here:
Read testimonials from our clients, here:
To read how we have helped our clients and to find more case results, click here:
Learn the basics of sole and joint custody, here:
Changes to child support are often necessary. Learn about modifications to child support, here:…
Separation agreements can be a good option for couples uninterested in divorce. For more information, read here:…
Learn what factors affect visitation rights and how our firm may be able to help, here:
Read all of our divorce #faqs, here:
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Find tips on how to help children cope during a divorce process, here:
A Manhattan Beach paternity test lawyer may be able to represent you in a paternity case. Learn more:…
Our experienced adoption attorneys will be invaluable to you in the adoption process.
Our firm won child custody for a parent wrongfully accused of emotional child abuse. Read more case results, here:
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