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@Pleatco_Pure What does this mean to the Consumer?
@ZodiacPool_USA We don't think that testing the water chemicals would be the 1st priority. 😆
RT @CPRParty: Hey @poolsafely @TipsByLaura - have a great day! #ShareTheLove
@IdealPergolas No pic or link to it? 🙂
@theboyonthebike @elizabethshaull Fear of earthquakes....less people....lower property costs....not governed by the…
@Pergoladepot Hope it survived
Thanks to David B @Pleatco_Pure who helped us clear up a filter dimension discrepancy.
A City Government Official (to remain anonymous) wanted us to quote a 10' x 18' x 36' triangle #Shadesail Its impossible <sigh>
@ShadeSailBlinds LOL @ orangery
Take your Shade Sails and umbrellas down if you live near #HurricaneHarvey #Harvey2017 path!
Only the Moon can shade better than our Shade Sails this Eclipse day! #SolarEclipse2017
@boigsnbeer @ThaddeusWalcott That works. So does this
They are nice to look at and support these nicely
This may be your view from your patio, pool or deck without a shade sail.
#WednesdayWisdom Its hot out there and we can help shade you from the sun.
@GSMIonline Received an unsolicited email...that had a link to unsubscribe...and the link resolved to a 404 page not found. Not good.
@elizabethshaull It is ok....there are many who know where you are.
@ZodiacPool_USA Our Pool Volume Calculator showed 655,590 gallons in Olympic size pool. Lost some in conversions…
RT @SplashMedics: Always pay attention to children in the pool. It only takes seconds for a child to drown. @poolsafely #preventdrowning #…
@swingnslide Thank you for the Custom Swing Set Canopy Top Referral Much appreciated

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