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Well, that was a terrible night's sleep šŸ˜ž
Sending so very much love to @SimonJCLeBON - on the passing of his mother. Thoughts are with you all ā¤ļø
Chi-miigwech! Thank you @rockymountaineer #nationalaboriginalday #twitter
And don't forget to leave milk and honey out for the Fae folk! #litha #pagan #solstice #midsummer #twitterā€¦
Burning regrets #Litha #twitter
My full altar - for lack of a cauldron, a pot. Two pouches filled with Midsummer herbs so that @badwolfvince (who ā€¦ā€¦
Detail from my #Litha altar - wild roses, basil, lavender, lemon balm on the Oak King's leaves, all Midsummer herbā€¦ā€¦
Mead for tonight's Midsummer/Litha ritual! #pagan #twitter
Happy Litha (Midsummer), everyone! Am getting the altar ready for tonight's Solstice at 9:24 pm (PST)! Time to celā€¦ā€¦
@RogerMaybank I don't have a sister yet, but I would consider adding @courtneymelba @sharonvanetten or @jehnbeth to the family ;)
I have so few photos of me with my husband, but here's one from many years ago! Happy birthday to John Taylor of @ā€¦ā€¦
RT @psb_wriggles: Get your lug holes round our latest track! It's got bongos and everything. @PSB_HQ
RT @grahamslexa: Have I ever told you how glad I am that these pictures exist?
After a long day I still knocked this beauty together - grilled sashimi-grade Albacore tuna from the family-run, Oā€¦ā€¦
RT @Montreal: MontrĆ©al's hometown hero, Leonard Cohen, becomes iconized as part of @MURALfestival. šŸ“·: @ToulasTake #MTLmoments #montreal htā€¦
To the Muslim community of London, and the people of @mwh_london, my love and thoughts are with you.
Jesus, London, I am so sorry. Again.
September flight to MAUI - booked. Two of Mikala's favourite things are snorkelling and volcanos, so I'm pretty much stoked <3

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