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♡ happy birthday @milkvans ♡
so this is it. the end of cclown.
@neva4get_urself just continue doing what makes you happy
@neva4get_urself you've apologised enough rome...... christian. whatever that's happened isn't your fault.
RT @TKtopkid: 고마워요 ❤️ http://t.co/sEgt1Cr105
@nuohans good luck! whatever you do just don't ever doubt yourself
@nuohans since you're already in uni, why not just do your best? you did pay $20k for it
@nuohans you get honours degree studying at uol! and i feel rmit is a getaway pass for everyone who cannot study
@nuohans wah, 100% exam based! it's difficult but i feel it's better than rmit though
@nuohans i've graduated for almost a year AHAHHAHA have been working freelance everywhere since then. thankyou! what are you studying?
@nuohans i'm alright! i suppose i'm gonna find a ft job soon
@nuohans yenuo!! i haven't seen nor spoken to you in awhile, omg. how have you been?
@TKtopkid 민우군 잘 지내요? 행복하길 바래.............. 멀리서 난 민우를 지켜볼게~ ㅠㅠ
@TKtopkid 민우군 괜찮아요? 누나 많이 걱정돼요.................. 진짜 ㅠㅠ
@heyclaireee your vids aren't appearing in my feed again! i about to kms
@syllables oh my goodness jessa, i just realised i blocked you by accident and idk how many months has it been?!
50years ago you cried for our nation. and today, the nation cried for you. thank you for your service, Mr Lee. #RIPLKY
@wish you don't deserve me :(
@kimyoogyeom who this girl though

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