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don't do this to me @RoME_Cclown
is rome leaving cclown, he's been leaving the most cryptic of messages lately and i'm about to break down
@hush happy birthday jane ♡ i hope you have a good one!
@kimyoogyeom why are you learning traditional chinese and not simplified chinese though?
my voice is still funky
i've been drinking honey lemon water everyday, religiously, for the past month
@dujun food > everything
@dujun hk > winner
@Lackadaisily i can't wait to watch it. i've seen so many gifs from the movie going around
@Lackadaisily thank you! i need to watch it now
does anyone know which movie did this gif come from? http://t.co/NCkE11bKrO
@heyclaireee love your gorgeous straight hair in your latest vlog!
god bless whoever came up with almond butter i'm eating it with everything from apples, biscuits and overnight oats yums
@dujun injeolmi anything really
i dreamt that i was back in seoul and at some weird place when i insisted that i need to go to 설빙 for injeolmi bingsoo
why do people still use traditional chinese
@kimyoogyeom damn, you learning traditional chinese. nobody got time for that, goodnight.
@heyclaireee you are so, soo amazing ♡
@TKtopkid 잘지내 미누군♡

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