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@troyesivan your video was playing outside a cinema in singapore on several screens this afternoon i was so happy!!!!
what does this fella wants from me
RT @TKtopkid: 조심히 가고 일요일에봐~ㅎㅎ http://t.co/b6SNREBAre
@neukki gurl, this u? http://t.co/88aGI5cY8a
@neukki idk!! it sounds funky so i believe it's a drug
@neukki it gets worse..... "If spotted, please report to the authorities, notifying them that they are possible smack addicts" imma report u
@neukki are you still running it!!!? what happened to iu
@neukki ok http://t.co/Fihn1i0iHy
@neukki ~matgyeo is so ancient JESUS
@neukki can't stop laughing, idk if ratchet and granny goes well together LOL
@neukki I'M JUST KIDDING BTW HAHAHA either way you're still nice!! just a little less quiet now you have manymany friends and fandoms
granny gon' kill me
@neukki don't worry you're still nice just a little......... rATCHEt
i knew @neukki as the quiet gurl on twitter what did ya'll lil monsters turned her into HAAAAHAHA
@neukki are you still gonna keep it HAHAHAHA it's gonna rot sooooon!! shortly after i sent you the B1A4 CDs, some others gave you a few more
i'm just gonna put this here: @neukki is literally the best person i met online.. ever
@neukki running the fc, screams!! we have came a long way. and we stanned almost the same groups!!
@neukki i'm beyond amazed by this HAHA i can remember you used to help me translate a lot of stuff for infinite back when i was still--
@neukki i can't believe you kept that!! i didn't understand why couldn't i have written you a card instead HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA

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