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@fadhsterz you're not alone
@pauzi cool!
@pauzi bugis where though
@pauzi okay
@pauzi where is it
@neukki granny! hyosung's making a solo debut i'm so excites
@pauzi yas
lmao, she couldn't put on her sock and she got mad at herself and went batshit cray https://t.co/3bed0MacNG
@ZozeeBo maybe instead of monthly favs, how about seasonal favs? HAHA
@ZozeeBo i do, however, understand that maybe it's a new year and it's time for a change but sometimes traditions are good!
@ZozeeBo i really wished you did videos like you did in the past. it was really absolutely lovely watching you talk about your monthly favs.
i mean, if you understood korean it's gonna be so much cuter
omg, tlist you have to watch this. she's literally the cutest! https://t.co/gWOumnjWh1
@ASAPgyeomie it's all in my belly
at thai town! i'm prepared to eat everything
@pauzi thursday is the wurstday i have 9hours of classes straight from 9~6 and after that i'm going out with mint
@TKtopkid 캬ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ 뭘해 미누야~~

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