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@TKtopkid 이 비디오는 진짜 웃기다. 민우야 한번 보세요 ㅋㅋ http://t.co/U7c48w3PEp
@matgyeo np hahahaha
@matgyeo okay! if you have any questions you can ask me on whatsapp. this conversation shall not be cached on the internet!! HAHA
@matgyeo as many things as i can. haha, you should try if you really want! although i personally don't have a good impression of the place..
@matgyeo i haven't considered working full time either. ig a part of me don't wanna grow up yet? still young & i wanna enjoy and try
@matgyeo nah, the other aquarium! (kinda don't wanna mention names on the internet) are you studying pt or ft? why d'you wanna work there?
@matgyeo i've been well! haha yes, graduated for awhile now. working at the same ol' place while looking for new pt jobs to stay busy. hbu?
@matgyeo you already need counselling i'm just wondering why haven't you visited a psychiatrist yet heh
@matgyeo i read that tweet on its own it's only normal i derive at that conclusion, screams!!
@RoME_Cclown how do you do, mate?
@matgyeo you literally mean that "i" cannot believe "you"
@matgyeo yes what
@matgyeo ooh, i thought it's some new weird fetish i was worried
@matgyeo what
i hate coming home from work to see 500 mentions and none of them are really meant for me
@TKtopkid 귀엽당
RT @TKtopkid: 😏#얼스타그램 http://t.co/APkmlQtqM5
@syllables i'm salivating just by looking at the photo
the thought of having to work later on http://t.co/UgsBnvVVK7

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