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@RoME_Cclown what's on your wishlist for christmas this year, rome? just wondering
RT @DoctorPug: if u hav yet 2 eat & ur hunger cant b beat dont hesitates grab a plates & giv urself a treat!!
@TKtopkid 천사야
RT @TKtopkid: 어우추어 http://t.co/piIGFvvaV9
@chicclown hehe i'm still sailing your otp w chiwoo
@chicclown but yes i would still love to speak to you even in 60years
@chicclown vicky i think you interpreted me wrongly
@chicclown is that how you feel about the chat
@chicclown he's not the only one yknow
@pauzi what what
my permanent reply to everything @pauzi says is "what"
@pauzi what
@pauzi have a little optimism, "someday in the next 2years"
shots fired. thank you anna! now time for you to reflect @sampepper http://t.co/dyRJQk2g3N
@neukki what a dick
RT @neukki: fuck u ts fuck u really with ur blame game http://t.co/XsPwnMm6CV
@neukki 비행기표 사줘
@pauzi thanks for expressing my deepest feelings
@neukki i'll buy you lots of starbucks if we ever get to meet!!

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