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@TKtopkid 민우야 보고파
@Yu_Christian1 are you gonna bring #JOTD back?
happy birthday my love @CHA_NNNNN ♡
@snowashes wah! that's so helpful. thank you siyuan! i'll def check out a few
@snowashes cool! which part of thonglor and arii may i ask?
@snowashes siyuan! i'm going to bkk next week. just want to ask, is thonglor the place to visit if i wanna take a look at all the cafes?
@BTSonyeon_dumb do you mind changing the captions for one of your vines of suga? i've been getting so many mentions on it. not cool.
@aggybum89 audi appeals to the younger crowd. volvo's design looks so old fashioned haha. i drove a bmw before. didn't fancy it.
@aggybum89 my dad's volvo is a lot smoother but the steering wheel is quite rigid. it has a narrower turning radius compared to the kia :/
@aggybum89 it's a huge car so it's super spacious inside and that's what i like about it? i love me an audi tt or range rover evogue!
@aggybum89 i drive a kia optima k5 and i don't really fancy it personally but my friends think its cool so that's comforting i guess?
@aprildeers happy belated bday u lil butt sorry i forgot to wish you earlier hahahaha
@hellomeIIo what kind of job are you looking for!!
@hellomeIIo for now, yes! i'm applying to do a separate degree in marine science though, so i'm not really done yet.
@hellomeIIo well jinx cos i was just thinking about you!! i'm good, finding something to do to kill time. how about you?
@hellomeIIo hello granny! how did you realise my mistake HAHAHAHAHA i haven't spoken to you in ages omg
@hellomello GRANNY
@kunpimooked lol
@BradleyJames dude why did you have to die on izombie
♡ happy birthday @milkvans ♡

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