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@Lackadaisily not feeling that book + all other books. i surprisingly like tfios.
@Lackadaisily which did you read?
@Lackadaisily HAHAHAHAHA i actually read john green's books
@Lackadaisily what's a pos
@essiebutton what is the one food that you can eat all day, everyday, for the rest of your life without getting bored?
@Lackadaisily ~*ramon*~ http://t.co/70LaQn40wV
@jessistheworst there is something you never realized you needed - a life
@junglejim1994 i will, soon! when i'm done with my assignment, hehe :3
@junglejim1994 i kinda do
let's not talk about dc because they are trying to marvel their way through and the only dc superhero i care about is batman
i can't imagine my life without marvel?
i owe my life to a bunch of superhero movies
@desuyeon that's the thing about superheroes isn't it? they keep our unfulfilled dreams alive
@desuyeon killed off.
@desuyeon i don't think anyone will pay to watch xmen vs avengers bc it's both so well received they don't wanna see their characters being
@desuyeon hm yea but i don't think that movie will materialize considering the amount of contracts the actors are left with
@desuyeon the avengers are responsible for their own plot and so is xmen and spiderman. if they pull a 180deg and mix them tgt i will kill.
@desuyeon just like how spiderman is disassociated with the rest of marvel for the longest time
@desuyeon idk, tbh. i have completely disassociated x-men with avengers. bc lbr x-men were never part of the avengers.........
@desuyeon the casting though, omg

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