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RT @MikeGKTA: My anxiety mainly stems from others lack of intelligence.
RT @DamierGenesis: go wash your face.
RT @oddfuckingtaco: Someone out here talkin'
RT @ThankJess_Later: Being broke not funny so what you laughing at? 😏👀😭
RT @LilCriss_615: Lmao they too funny
RT @LilCriss_615: Still got my views tho hoe
RT @FemaleTexts: she went from 9 to 21 real quick
RT @joanneprada: Rules to live by: Only help women Only scam men
RT @MacMiller: Go play faces front to back one time
RT @JasperDolphin: Baby what's yo phone number?
RT @TheCIassicJams: After you've watched Lemonade 20 times
I'll love you forever @gimmeyourtweets
RT @joanneprada: should i buy a fake ass or save up for a personality?
RT @joanneprada: Ugly people should all be friends with each other.
RT @joanneprada: I gravitate toward strong women who manipulate their peers and inflict pain on them to further their careers.
RT @joanneprada: bitch we hate you too
just woke up from a coma
RT @BigSaltyyy: Nice sunglasses You look like a bug
TYBG ❤️❤️ for a blessed day I get to go out & get this guap! 🙏 @LILBTHEBASEDGOD
RT @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: Rolling loud Miami - Lil B

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