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The only true failure comes from not trying.
RT @actionchick: Which Movie Villains Died Too Easily?:   Following up on her previous topic, “Dumbest Movie Death,” the Action Fli... h ...
@davedeandrea makes some KILLER demos! Don't believe us? Hear for yourself! http://www.killervoicedemos.com/
Hate that we can't follow more people because we need more followers than following! Argh!
RT @ThatsVoiceover: #voiceover is a tough and competitive business. You have to train and study. You need to invest time and money to be ...
a discussion about rates: http://blogs.voices.com/voxdaily/2010/04/a_discussion_about_rates.html
It's tragic when we can't follow more people.
The Take Three podcast is back! http://www.bsquaredaudio.com/takethree.html
RT @UNnouncer: What a great article from @HartVoiceOvers: How To Hire a Voice Over. A must read for insight on the process: http://bit.l ...
If you send us a serious DM and we don't respond, we apologize. We get so much spam, it's hard to sift through! Send us an @ instead.
Is anyone attending VOICE 2010? http://voice2010.com/
With the new year, B Squared is ready to get to releasing again! Stay tuned!
Merry Christmas from B Squared Productions! =)
RT @vakickstart: Submit your demo reels for our database! http://www.voiceactorkickstart.com/ks/index.php/agoraforum/topic?id=99#p420
@whatisthesite Sorry this is a late reply, but we're glad you enjoyed the Halloween PSA! =)
RT @HemalRadia: You can never truly fail because you always expand (including on a deeper level) from everything you do
We can't follow all the people who have followed us because of the limits. That's disappointing.
Once November is over, B Squared will be back to productivity!
RT @buzzhollywood Cartoon Network Not Just Doing Cartoons! http://buzzhollywood.com/11... - Buzz Hollywood

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Audio production company, run by Mochan, Rina and Bomberman, we podcast, write, voice act and much more.

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