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Ivan says: Are The People in Your Life an Engine or an Anchor?
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Join us throughout Shropshire Mon-Fri 6.45-8.30am. Meet new contacts, generate leads, learn successful strategies, build your business, find support, network.
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BNI Shropshire
BNI Members meet weekly with the prime intention of passing each other new business opportunities through 'word of mouth referrals'. * Most cost-effective form of advertising possible * Its like having your own sales team BNI's sole purpose is to provide a positive, supportive and structured environment for the growth and development of the businesses of its members through the exchange of quality business referrals. Business conducted is monitored through the BNI system to ensure quality and ethics are committed to and so each member can gain the best possible outcome from of their membership. Members also benefit from: * Development workshops * Tool kit of resources * BNI Connect members directory * National networking and motivation events * SuccessNet publications online and printed * Success book library * Podcast resources You could gain new business...come along as a visitor to one of our meetings. See for yourself the business opportunities being passed between members, business that you could be getting a share of... Interested? For more details contact one of our leadership team members within the 'Leadership Team' section. BNI..."what goes round...comes around!" BNI Shropshire has the following chapters in the region for you to visit: Pengwern in Shrewsbury every Thursday Severn Enterprise in Telford every Friday Thomas Telford in Telford every Thursday Three Fishes in Newport Shropshire every Wednesday

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