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Attitudes about our surroundings, our reactions even in the small moments make up the whole. See blog Being the Flow Master:
Spring Summer Fall Winter? Its seasons of life referred too. I am alive, powerful, well full of gratitude in all seasons
Happy Labor Day Weekend to Everyone! Keep it safe but have LARGE FUN!
I just gave "Peace Happiness & Joy" to some of my followers! Anyone want to send me a gift? ;)
Finger bittting? Drawing Blood Donkey/Elephant? Mandatory meet US Schools & President for my kids & Report Due? I voted?
A sign reading (RELAX) sits on a room divider; delighted to see I can manipulate my emotions each time I comprehend it. via @addthis The “Ahhhhhhness” of creativity check it out.
Soul of a sculpture would be found in movement of the piece. I struggle to depict movement in the statues of my artwork.
Artist should study anatomy & muscles so that they know the nature of themselves & see beauty in self & the world.
@artwords really is sad about the anorexia disorder, check out my blog about art works reflecting the disorder done 7/10, via @addthis Just add new image of patiently waiting nude study, really nice check it out.
Success in creativity is achieved by your spirit & spirit is channeled by what you give attention to! Think about it!
WOW! Sculpting class tomorrow with Master Sculptor, lots of Houston Artist with 4 days lots of detail work, I am excited!
Girls just rescued a dehydrated dog, we are spending our day looking for posters placed by the owner, we love animals too.
At I just joined the sculpey art
At I just joined the Artists & Art Lovers
What is Art? Art creates experience of emotion an alteration of thinking & produces a breath taking experience. ~BMarie
See a message of humanity in art. A message of kindness, compassion. Oh how will I ever make a statue speak of such love?
HOT up in H-Town, Kids been in the pool all day, me under the A/C cranking out cool stuff in the studio
My skills & views are widening just as my studies are, taking a new class in anatomy for sculptures, find pic & blog at

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While working no time passes by only the process of creation of what lies in the shadows of my imagination. I'm grateful I was born an Artist. - BMarie

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