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@mpaul0014 That sounds like big project! Where do you plan to start?
@Chloe_Melas @BrianMazza Awesome! We hope the finished wall did not disappoint, unlike #Blizzardof2015! #justsaying
@nastazsa A great way to get energized before all the heavy lifting! Happy moving!
@MandyChiappini Lovely! We look forward to seeing how it looks on your wall!
Happy Chocolate Cake Day! Would you like to bake a cake for your favorite chocolate lover in this lovely kitchen?
@nastazsa Exciting day! Is that juice drink for celebrating the start or end of moving?
@MandyChiappini It’s certainly a challenge! What shade of grey did you end up choosing?
@MelissaHawkesTV The new brick wall looks very nice! Is there more to do or are you finished with your fireplace makeover?
@Chloe_Melas @brianmazza That sounded like a great way to spend the night. Did you guys finish it?

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