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Have you checked this out? https://t.co/9Zgzl827xC https://t.co/ku8B4Z2jfF
Have you seen our latest news? https://t.co/9Zgzl827xC https://t.co/P4Fg2FhpeG
Adaptive Kayaking opportunities are available at our local state parks through 8/31! Learn more https://t.co/QPPc5QWqrE
Here is the official list of Accessible Beaches/Beach Wheelchairs in Massachusetts https://t.co/3AKseFEzq4
Summer is an exciting time at BCI... https://t.co/9Zgzl827xC https://t.co/uTqZlH3Hjf
For a full list of Special-Needs Camps & Fairs happening this summer, check out https://t.co/Z63O05LSwp https://t.co/OX9UZLUVE0
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We're growing! This summer, BCI will be doubling the sq. footage of our ABA Center to meet the needs of more childr… https://t.co/ublYm4zTa6
@joeandruzzifndn @BCI_ABA @JDerenzoCos Our pleasure! It was a wonderful day.
BCI is actively seeking staff for it's Fitchburg location as well as Spanish-speaking ABA Therapists and BCBAs.… https://t.co/Zjai7LzqIk
Yetziel R would like to share with you his love for Better Hearing & Speech Month. #bhsm https://t.co/kVtrwMbku0
Dr. Jeff knows the importance of staying hydrated to protect your voice! #bhsm https://t.co/nGQbuh12fi
BCI's very own Peggy Armentrout and Lauren Bavosi showing their love for #bhsm by drinking water to protect their v… https://t.co/EJo5wKxnR4
This just in! https://t.co/cmQmKKTyQh
Staff are staying hydrated AND protecting their voice for Better Hearing & Speech Month! #bhsm https://t.co/sOB3y5gIfx
Protect Your Voice and Stay Hydrated! Check out our final in-office activity for Better Hearing & Speech Month.… https://t.co/SX9asH0QZl
James Q. along with his ABA Therapist Cartier Hebert and SLPA Emily Santoro show their love for Better Hearing & Sp… https://t.co/UZrQ4JqCqb
Know the signs of communication disorders so that we can break down barriers to care! #bhsm https://t.co/EhD0zHkjr6
You might be surprised by these stats on communication disorders. #bhsm https://t.co/vqczALZVPN
May is Better Hearing & Speech Month and we’re celebrating! #bhsm https://t.co/Fcnh5kpec8

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BCI is committed to providing high quality ABA services and supports to students, their families, and school staff.

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