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Scott getting a little goofy all in good fun for #OTMonth! https://t.co/Cq5Ch5INPF
Director of Intakes and Scheduling, Tiffany Bellina, isn't afraid to show her love for #OTMonth! https://t.co/SbmgYzy7x4
BCI's very own Christian Tstetsos shows his love for Occupational Therapy Month! #OTMonth https://t.co/EqXPk7750g
Can anyone guess who this is participating in OT Month celebration?! https://t.co/WOjQRgWwv0
Director of Center-Based Services, Alison Senior, showing her love for Occupational Therapy month. #OTMonth https://t.co/SzJHsk6F90
Our staff are showing their love for Occupational Therapy! #OTMonth https://t.co/ZxigyMH9iv
Looking to spend a beautiful Spring day with your family? Enter to win a complimentary ticket to the 2017 Walk/Run… https://t.co/66ijwuDVrt
#I<3OT #OTMonth2017 https://t.co/sTzr1OA5SP
We have 10 complimentary tickets to the 2017 Walk/Run for Autism Acceptance on Saturday April 29th! https://t.co/Wl1edThWat
Learn more about Pediatric Occupational Therapy by visiting the AOTA website here https://t.co/1k0CTGiSLV. #OTMonth
We just love this graphic about Occupational Therapy! #OTMonth https://t.co/OAfCHeWmsn
Here is an excellent graphic explaining Occupational Therapy and its various applications. #OTMonth https://t.co/gUX3pG76Dc
In addition to Speech Language Pathology, BCI offers Occupational Therapy Services. Learn more. https://t.co/ovzA0GNPkH #OTMonth
BCBA Recruitment Video: https://t.co/lu8BvjEFRu via @YouTube
Save the date! BCI is sponsoring a Family Fun Day at Great Wolfe Lodge for families supported by Autism Resource Ce… https://t.co/NcPDWnNIFr
BCI Worcester staff are sproting their #autismawareness apparel today for our in-house celebration. #LIUB #WeAreBCI https://t.co/OTp7hAUw4c
BCI's Fitchburg Center has been busy creating beautiful Autism Awareness and Spring art. #AutismAwareness #LIUB https://t.co/C7fnc25Vtn
In case you missed it! https://t.co/99m2Jutuws https://t.co/ec048XEmCF
Have you checked this out? https://t.co/99m2Jutuws https://t.co/4MsShQgcO0
Have you seen our latest news? https://t.co/99m2Jutuws https://t.co/4PoV1Qd7Ht

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BCI is committed to providing high quality ABA services and supports to students, their families, and school staff.

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