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Alternative Xmas gift No 1 + take some time to really listen to someone without judgement
" Every momnet you are happy is a gist to therest of the world" Harry Palmer. Give some happiness this Xmas - your own
Fabulous wiorkshop by CHT Consulting and biZlinks http://t.co/rXZabIhc
Boardroom Mentor programme for women non executives atarting in January - get in touch for details
Off to Catherine Thomson"s Leadership for high performance Masterclass at the Royal Terrace Hotel in Edinbu rgh.
Do one randopm act of kindness today and the world will become a kinder placr
Going to hear Wilco at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall this evening.
Blogging with Ann Robrts over a cup of china tea see. http://t.co/b6i95ZSA .uk
Enough of vision and mission statements. The 'why' and 'how' of natural visioning. http://t.co/mxv982Tk
I want to move to mac but it won't run my Sage ACT conyact management software. Can anyone recommend an alterrnative that runs on a Mac?
Let's create more compassion in the world http://t.co/DFLjE9Y2
One person may call people to violent deeds but each pf us makes a choice whether or not to listen and act on them.
What leads us to celebrate violence and the death of another human being?
exploring definition at the International Avatar Course this week in Egmond aan Zee, www.theavatarcourse.com Message me for info
Happily creating life deliberately and experiencing my dreams manifest in the moment - wow! Thank you Avatar wwwmtheavatarcoursre.com
Some exercises to try out at home http://t.co/szPgRFMK
new calendar of Avatar Courses around the world http://t.co/tFSAk6Er
ReSurfacing Workshop in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands this weekend http://t.co/QPCoteAu
loved the Elizabeth Blackadder exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland http://t.co/9pzjsiY8
LIBRA network lunch tomorrowe in Stirling

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