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Many of us find it hard to leave things unfinished - children with autism often find this even more difficult.
Once you have downloaded the photos onto your computer, don't just leave them there. Make a book. Make lots of books.
As a parent you know what your child wants - so use that knowledge to encourage them to communicate.
What is sensory overload like? Watch one autistic woman's take on it
If we look for the clues that indicate rising anxiety levels, we can usually find them - even if they are not what we expect.
Children with autism are much more anxious than the rest of us, as they constantly find situations and other people confusing.
Do something silly, or wear something silly, to give your child something obvious to comment about, e.g. wear a funny hat.
Why are computers so popular with children with autism? They're predictable, visual and under the child's control (usually!).
"A raised eye-brow could mean a million things" said the hero in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.
When we say 'look at me' to a child with autism, is it for their benefit or ours?
Computers can be very calming for some children - particularly if they've had too much social input.
Golden ratio: 3 positives experiences to 1 negative throughout the day.
Use the video mode on your camera - film everyday events, they can be a great source of things to talk about with your child.
Does your child use a visual schedule? Great FREE tool for creating symbol cards.
Visual schedules can act like an external source of authority - kids may do things just because it says so.
When introducing a visual schedule, ensure you include lots of favourite activities so you child is motivated to use it.
Many children with autism have difficulties processing language, we can help by slowing down our speech!
Sometimes it helps to teach one thing at a time, e.g. if teaching hand-writing, just do that, don't expect a story as well.
Take digital photos of everyday events to give you topics to talk with your child about.
To some autistic kids, other people are at best useful tools. Be their play partner, not just a useful resource.

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