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hk ht hg? bonnet
advise on motor swap on HK....
holden hz hj hx statesman twin headlight radiator support
(SA) FS - Crane Hi-6 Ignition and LX92 Coil
15x7 inch PERFORMANCE SUPERLITES in v.g.c. Torana HK HT HG
HZ Kingy: Project Suzy
are my heads f%#ked
memcal tune required
FS - VS 5.0 Berlina (Whyalla, S.A)
trimatic crossmember problems
Brake issues with CAM
550-600 hp combo 350
FS: PERTH VS BErlina sedan $2750
What rims do you have on your HQ-HZ ?
SB Chev Scat Forged crank and H-Beam rods (Bris.)
Holden V8 number ID
paint code/colour
Hz gts guards & twin light front
Hq door glass
10 bolt salisbury

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