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Mr. Georgeu talks about capsular contracture and how it can be avoided -
Check out our before and after photos for inverted nipple correction on our website -
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Our patient in this video tells us about her inverted nipple correction she had just had done -
Mr. Richards performs a breast enlargement and uplift, using his own OCEAN technique -
Check out this dual surgeon surgery with Mr. Georgeu and Mr. Richards -
Mr. Richards performs a nipple construction, and an areola reduction on this patient -
Watch Mr. Richards repair these split earlobes in this surgery video -
This is an extended abdominoplasty surgery, which is basically half way in between a tummy tuck and a body lift -
The lovely Laura tells us all about her breast enlargement journey -
Mr. Richards analyses these caesarean scars on this patient -
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for our latest video content -
We have clinics conveniently located throughout the UK. See where your closest one is -
We all hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Back to work now, but a 4 day work and Monday is gone
Using two different sized implants, this breast enlargement corrects breast asymmetry too -
This areola reduction is worth a watch. It goes from 7.5cm down to 4cm -
This is a surgery video of lip enhancement surgery -
This is an extreme breast reduction, with most of what is removed, loose sagging skin -
Mr. Richards shows us how he performs a nipple reduction surgery -
This is a breast augmentation surgery with Allergan TRM 360cc breast implants -

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Mr Richards was voted ‘Home Counties Leading Plastic Surgeon’ by The Daily Mail and ‘Leading Breast Surgeon UK by The Independent on Sunday.

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