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Check out the before and after pictures of earlobe repair. The results are astonishing -
This information video covers the recovery period after earlobe correction -
Take a look at the before and after pictures from inverted nipple correction surgery here -
Will there be ,much scarring following inverted nipple correction? Take a look at this video response -
Mr. Richards discusses what causes inverted nipples -
In this video the permalip implant is compared to traditional lip fillers -
In this information video Mr. Richards discusses the permalip implant and whether men can have it -
This is Kym and she gave us a testimonial literally hours after she had her PIP implants removed -
In this surgery video we see the areola get reduced from 7.5cm to 4cm -
These PIP implants were ruptured in an almost identical fashion -
This breast augmentation surgery is combined with an inverted nipple correction -
One year on following breast enlargement surgery, our patient talks to us about the impact it has had on her life -
Mr. Richards discusses the bruising and swelling you may get following a facelift procedure -
A huge breast reduction surgery with close to 10kg of tissue being removed in total -
In this video we see a 46mm stretched earlobe being closed up -
Here we have a video explaining how much a basic breast enlargement can correct breast asymmetry -
Mr. Richards speaks about nipple reduction surgery and the scarring post surgery -
Good morning to all of our followers old and new. Thanks to everyone who has recently followed.
In this video we have a combination of a breast enlargement, uplift and an areola reduction -
Our patient in this video is in her 60's, and is 2 weeks post mini facelift. The results are simply astonishing -

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Mr Richards was voted ‘Home Counties Leading Plastic Surgeon’ by The Daily Mail and ‘Leading Breast Surgeon UK by The Independent on Sunday.

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