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Mini vs Full facelift - what are the pros and cons? Mr Adrian Richards explains all.
Check out these pictures of the Aurora team!
Secret Santa exchange is happening in the office today!
Inverted nipples in men - what causes them and how can they be treated? #invertednipplesurgery
Mr Adrian Richards discusses the option of having implants removed and a breast uplift. #breastimplantoptions
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Read our latest Real Self review..
Mr Adrian Richards discusses breast implant removal and replacement. #breastimplantoptions
Mr Adrian Richards discusses what's involved in the removal of breast implants. #breastimplantoptions
Ollie of #MIC asks why can't men have #Botox too..
Read our latest Real Self review...
Tulisa talks dermal fillers on Jonathan Ross show..
Mr Adrian Richards discusses the options available for removing or replacing breast implants #breastimplantoptions
See the process used when assessing breast shape and droop. #allyouneedtoknow
All you need to know about a breast enlargement consultation. #allyouneedtoknow
Discover what happens after Tummy Tuck procedure with Mr Adrian Richards. #tummytuck #aftercare
How to take the perfect selfie!
Breast Reduction - is it riskier than Breast Enlargement?
Aurora in the news...MACS facelift patient Di tells her story in the Daily Mail
What is the difference between a full and mini tummy tuck? #tummytuckprocedure.

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Mr Richards was voted ‘Home Counties Leading Plastic Surgeon’ by The Daily Mail and ‘Leading Breast Surgeon UK by The Independent on Sunday.

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