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@DustinsDojo Whoa! We're practically neighbors. Want to come teach my Girl Scouts some karate?
@BeachAveMusic Sad to see you go. Love you guys! You're going to make it big! Howie got it wrong. Original music is much better than covers.
@Crazy8 Love your clothes, but please give the girls some sleeves for winter! Too many sleeveless dresses :( Not enough to choose from.
@cheesivore Holy cow! But, do you have a place to go?
Have you voted to fund preservation of an historic site? #WNCathedral
@GeriHalliwell Don't apologize for sources of inspiration. I found her inspiring, too!
@queenofcussin SWEET! That's my favorite! We'll see if it's funny enough to make me fall off the exercise bike at the gym.
@queenofcussin Aww... thanks for the follow. Looking forward to your book even tho I was too slow! Does your book smell like b&c, too?
.@queenofcussin smells like beef and cheese
@lizcuad I'm home :) Anytime is good!
@lizcuad You're awesome!!!
@lizcuad YAY! I think I have 2 little girls making some German gingerbread on Sunday. We can share.
@lizcuad I also think you should make your neighbor cookies...
Great fall table runner made from hand dyed fabric. via @Etsy
@cheesivore @DoctorPaul YUM!!! Bring them on :)
@Chris_E_M @TeamMiNAJ_SA @BaileeMadison The other leader was close to a zombie. She scares me a little. I think I'll be a leader like her :)
@LSouthernMarket So very Troop Beverly Hills! I'm also afraid I'll be a little like the *other* leader.
@Middletini MUCH better than Barney! Sad I had to leave #wineparty last night. This week kicked my behind!
@Middletini OMG! NO. BOY. BANDS!!! You need another drink! #wineparty
@ssfrigerio Dying tonight & it's only 9:30. I miss the carefree days when I could let the kids watch tv til I wanted to get up #wineparty

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