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@missingcjt A bit old then maybe. Well, you're welcome to it I just do the odd search for names starring in older Audventures :)
@missingcjt How old is Emily. Would she like this story? You can right-click and save as. A gift. No, really....
@EviesGran Is Evie little? She may like Evie and The Underwater Kingdom
@Edmund_Milnes just tell her it was written all about her.
@Edmund_Milnes Glad you like the sound of it. Bit young for now, but when she understands it it may prove a God send ;)
Evie & The Underwater Kingdom is a little like Finding Nemo. Do you know a little Evie? You can download it for your or her mp3 player!
Hi Guys. I have Audventures produced starring the kids names Evie, Meggy, Samuel, Ella, Alfie and more...
The quickest game of hide and seek you'll see all day.
Toddler leads the celebration!
You may be interested to hear that the production company and narrator of Audventures are lurking here...
A beautiful reminder of how amazing music in school can be...
You are going to absolutely love this! Please click share - the world will love it!
Some rather frightening face swaps!
Two very confused cats and a treadmill...
If you love #audiobooks and want your child to star in their own one take a look #parenting #kids #babies #children
Prices for a completely personalised Audventure for your child have been slashed. Immerse your hero: #audiobooks #ubb
How do the cubans get to be such great dancers I hear you ask?
@star100x we have a story about a little girl called Maisy, let me know if you would like to hear a preview for your daughter? ;)
Evie may like my Evie & the Underwater Kingdom Audventure. You can hear a preview .. @kdoggni @jeffwilliams1

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Epic and exciting audio books for kids. Personalised for your child, then published for the world!

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