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A beautiful day for social media intelligence ;) Happy St. Patricks Day everyone.
RT @mqtodd: Why You Can't Automate Your Online Reputation via @kathikruse
RT @ScottMonty: The Top Social Media Minds Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @davedelaney
Photo: Malcolm Gladwell at #CWF11
RT @Daily_Pinch: Just received press release from @Ford re teaming up with @adriangrenier and @shft to inspire eco-consciousness. Awesom ...
#WhatTheWorldSays:“@SkyBlew: How Google+, Facebook Impact Corporate Strategy: Social Media and IT at a ...”
RT @TheEmpireGVInc: @malcgladwell speaking about #innovation at #CWF11
RT @Gent_BC: Innovation: small ideas from many people #sawyer #cwf11
RT @fons_be: Sawyer was great. Very on topic on creativity and innovation. Nice stories and interaction. #cwf11
Live With Wikipedia Founder @jimmy_wales #WhatTheWorldSays #CWF11 #Innovation
RT @MediaCowgirl: Best Ways to Engage Your Customers on Facebook via @smallbiztrends
RT @acerbiz: Is There Room for a New, Big Social Media Player? #sm #smm #webdev #socialmedia #smtalk #business
RT @Greetthings: is selecting her must-see list for #cwf11 @jimmy_wales @hinssen Alexander Osterwalder @malcgladwell @presentationzen @s ...
RT @acerbiz: Why is it difficult for Twitter to get everyone as users via @venturebeat #sm #smtalk #engagement #soc ...
#WhatTheWorldSays: RT:@yizmo Show&Tell - Home of the best creative marketing examples on YouTube |Great post!! Thanks|
RT @MatthewGoldenbe: Google decides to go with the apology and transparent approach #ADPR1800
RT @kkoolook: Google Chrome Will Add Search Inside of Every Web Page With Apture Acquisition
RT @Your_Say: smedio: Google Says Google+ “Is Not A Social Network ”, Do You Agree? by @douglasi via @smedio
RT @GWPStaff: "Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare." ~ Muhammad Ali
#WhatTheWorldSays: “@SocialMedia411: John Deere Uses Social Media to Feed the Hungry:” |Great Post!!!|

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